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Hi! I was wondering if someone could tell me if there are any printers on the market that allow you to print borderless in a custom size? I print mostly graphics for personalized stationery and I often need to print, say a background, from edge to edge. Currently, I use a Canon IP3000 for this purpose but I was hoping to find a less cumbersome way to get the same results. For example, if I need to print something that is 5.5" wide x 8.5" H, I'll usually just print it out exact size but on regular size paper, then just trim it. Ultimately, I would love to just be able to stick in my 5.5x8.5" paper and have it print edge to edge. Of course I can just print 2 of these sizes to one sheet of 8 1/2x11 paper, but again, even with the borderless option, I still need to tweak it to death and it never creates equal parts.

I realize the majority of you print photos only but I figured I'd ask the experts here anyway Is there any way to accomplish this, maybe something I'm obviously missing or is there a printer that allow custom borderless sizes?

Thanks for the help!
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Well, i have sort of found a solution for this "problem". If i need to print borderless on a custom-sized paper, what i do is i use photoshop, open a new a4 sized file and i paste the file i want to print onto the newly opened A4 size file and print using the borderless option. and it gives me very good borderless prints with no loss of quality at the borders. Of course, this solution works fine if you're printing smaller than A4, anything bigger you would need an A3 printer but you would still be limited by the A3 size. btw, i am using a pixma ip5000.

I also had an epson stylus 895 but it too doesn't print borderless on custom formats. To my knowledge i dun think any of the 3 major consumer manufacturers support custom-sized borderless printing.

Hope tis helps.
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You could print to a larger sheet and then trim it down after. Let Photoshop handle the image size.
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