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Bill, great information and I will definately take them into account. In responce to the print head, when I first got the printer I did the usual tests and such but did not really look at the nozzel test very carefully. I thought that hey if all the colors printed on the nozzel test then thats all I need to check. 2 years later I read where you need to pay attention to the lines within the nozzel check to make sure the print head is functioning. Late bloomer or stupid dont know which, but sure enough my light cyan is missing about 10 different little lines. I have tried everything to purge the ink, clean it to revive the print head in this area but no luck. For all I know it could have been that way when I got it, because it never did print a quality black and white. It too could have been the 3rd party inks, but I have read many, many forums dealing with this printer and 3rd party inks and while some had problems others indicated they didnt. I use the same manufactures inks at the same time. I dontmix and use some cartridges from one manufacture and other cartridges of another at the same time.

Thanks for the driver settings that you use...I appreciate you taking the time to help. One more question if you dont mind? Do you use the ICM check box and how do you set that up in the printer properties?

Thanks again Bill,

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For the use of ICM, no, I do not use it. I leave my color adjustment to auto. Every once in a blue moon I will change it to manual.

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I've been reading on several different forms that the Canon Inkjets don't give a true black and white print, maybe with a profile they might. I have Profile Prism which I profile my i9900 with and am very happy with the results. My colors are right on, I don't do black and white printing so I can't say if they have color casts or not.

Your banding problem can probably fixed by checking out this site: http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/inkjetstuff3.html

The link has a lot of other information if you care to read it.
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