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I have a new R800. It prints well but on the Properties-Maintenance tab both "Status Monitor" and "Auto Nozzle Check" are greyed-out and cannot be activated. All other features on this tab(like "Head Cleaning" and "Print Head Alignment" work OK. This means I have no way of knowing ink consumption. Does anyone have any ideas how to trigger "Status Monitor" into working? The R800 is my third Epson Photo Printer, so I am familiar with how they work.
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just wondering if you installed the epson printer utility?
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This is just a guess - but - in properties, make sure there is a check by "bidirectional support" on the Ports screen.
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actually you have no way to get the accurate ink consumption anyway.

think about it, the cartridge's sponge would consume 15 - 20% of ink.

and head cleaning would consume 2ml - 4ml ink/time.

no way to know the accurate "page yield".

If you pay too much on ink cartridge, you can consider other mehtod rather than buying cartridges:




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You could also consider buying a bulk ink system from a company that doesn't spend all its time spaming messages boards and newsgroups :?
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Old Mar 30, 2005, 9:11 AM   #6
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I don't think the R800 cartridges use a sponge.

Re the ink monitor, is it possible you have the wrong one?

If it isn't the right program for the OS, then it won't show the right results (I found this with my old Color 900, which doesn't have XP drivers -- the XP drivers for the Color 980 worked fine, but the status monitor didn't.)

Re CIS systems, I just installed a cheap Ebay (Hong Kong) system in my R310 Photo -- they're available for the R800 as well.

It came with the cartridges and bottles precharged with 610ml of ink -- so far it works fine and the colour match is excellent.

The whole thing (including shipping (3 days from HK to Australia) cost me just $12 more than one set of OEM cartridges.

How long it will last, of course, is moot...
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Old Apr 1, 2005, 3:59 AM   #7
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I have a JLW system for my R210, about 4 months use,no problems (yet) have done a fair amount of printing,used about 70% of the ink.including one week without printing,no problems on my return. hope you have the same success.
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interesting, more and more people are talking about CIS.

I have InkRepublic system a very good go. several months past, their R800 system still give me wonderful performance.
I had left to other country about a month, the nozzle check was perfect the first time I used when coming back.
I have just checked InkRepublic's website and found that I can use the same system for the newest Epson R1800.
I dont have to pay any dime to buy anything at all. Just swap their damper and chipset to R1800 if I plan to buy this printer.
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