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...what printer do you prefer?
first one for me a few years ago was HP, so-so.
then Epson, loved it...now got myself the Pixma3000, unreal the speed for text documents, haven't printed images yet, if you have this or any other Canon, what do you think of them...and...which printer do you have?

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My first ink jet was an Epson 600 ... I no longer buy Epson because it died from an ink clog. I currently have HP P1000 (color prints), 7550 (color prints and text) and 7660 (B&W prints), plus a Canon i9100 (large color prints).

I like all three HP's overall better than the Canon, but the Canon gives me the 13 x 19 print. Maybe if I spent the money on a profile and stuck to one photo paper I'd like the Canon better, but I don't.

Different strokes for different folks ... I find the HP simpler to refill the cartridges, and I like every year being able to change the ink nozzles by merely buying a new ink cartridge.
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May I join the club?
I had two Epsons C62's, the first one caused me grief after 6 months, the local service center 'clodded it in the bin' - litterally and gave me a replacement and geuss what - Yep 8 months down the line same fault, same problem. (see Woe of Epson 19th Jan - page 4 on the same page read 'a letter from Epson').
I too will never buy Epson products again and planning on getting a Cannon when the time comes.
The best printer I own is a Samsung ML1510 mono laser, it cost me around £49 from Dabbs Computers when they where on special offer - and guess what you can refill the toner cartridge. For the price of an Epson cartridge you can buy a Lexmark printer complete with cartridge.
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So far I've owned three Epson inkjets -- the original Epson Color (can't remember how old that is, but its got to be more than a decade), a Color 900 and R310 Photo.

All three are still working fine (the R310 is almost new, of course), and the two oldies can still turn out quite a respectable photo.

First inkjet was a Siemens, bought as bankrupt stock in the mid-eighties and run off a Z80-based CP/M computer -- until you've used one of these you've never experienced a "real" head clog (I think they were what brought the dealer whose stock I picked up undone -- he had quite a few of them and their price was in the thousands.

We resold them for what was then peanuts -- about $400 each, no warranty)

BTW, I've always refilled Epson cartridges and had no serious problems -- the Color 900 is still using the original set plus a second set I bought at the same time, the really old one has had a couple of sets replaced.

The R310 is using a Chinese CIS, which so far is working fine -- time will tell on this, of course.

I've also found down the years that the majority of printer failures (not just Epson, nor just inkjets -- all printers) can be traced to a point between the keyboard and the chair.

I've just now fixed an old Color 400 that the owner doesn't want back ("too unreliable, always jamming", so he's bought a new machine.)

It had a couple of paper clips caught in the paper feed that look like they've been there for years.

Now I can't make it jam -- I'll refill the carts and it'll go to the local opportunity shop.

Hey! I've waffled on enough here!
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Idle wrote:

I've also found down the years that the majority of printer failures (not just Epson, nor just inkjets -- all printers) can be traced to a point between the keyboard and the chair.
I like that! Most interesting post,you do seem to have done the rounds with printers,
I run a R210 with chinese CIF system,about 6 months now,no problems to date,just keep my fingers crossed.I certainly would not want a printer without a CIF system after seeing the huge ink saving,I reckon it is in the order of one tenth of the cost of oem cartridges.
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Emmm, dunno what I was doing wrong then, I used genuine inks whilst the first one was under gaurantee and switched over to Jet-Tec when the other one started playing up, both began by wanting more and more cleaning, then started to produce a yellow band down the left hand side and along the bottom about an inch wide, black lines through the picture extending to about an inch over the right hand edge, black text and coloured text was ok at first and then started to produce broken straight lines which gradually got worse. over time. I used HP paper and ensured a couple of photo prints a week on Epson paper.
I looked at all angles with Epson Technical, the second printer I did not get the documents back and they would not gaurantee the replacement unit. The printer is now just ornament.
No more Epsons for me - can you really blame me? I would fully understand if I had been printing on blotting paper!
Sorry to Kubus for hi-jacking this post.

Oh, and whilst I was on to 'Technical' they advised me never and stressed 'never' to clean the heads more than six times in one go as this damages the heads, not that I had and also I have in black and white from Epson that air locks will damage a peizo head (I can only take their word for these comments) no mention of this is made in their user manual.
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Past printer: still in use as the studios forms printer is the HP1120c, great black text, good images withquick fade colors.

Current printers:
  • Epson c80, use for brochures & flyer's, printing for years now, no problems, no clogs. [/*]
  • Epson 2200, used for images, printing for close to 2 two years, no problems, no clogs.[/*]
Future printer: currently underscrutinyare Epson 4000p, Epson 7600, or HP designjet 130.

Myprinters are powered on 24/7and printing daily, I've heard some people have had problems if the units were not used for a while.

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Old Apr 14, 2005, 3:41 PM   #8
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I've used an Epson 740 for about 5 yrs with cheap off brand ink and no problems.

Now replaced it (not completely still use it for text) with an R200 and I really like the photo quality of this one,although ink cost might become a factor. I could practically buy a brand new R200 with ink for what new epson ink cartidges would cost.


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I have a Canon Pixma ip5000 and this thing rules. The quality of the prints up to 8.5x11 is just spectacular.
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Old Apr 18, 2005, 5:00 PM   #10
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I have a Canon I960 and love it. Before that a Canon Bjc6000. I will only buy Canon now. Canon has the best cost per page and less wasted ink.

HP makes a decent printer, I am not a fan of there drivers and there ink costs are very high.

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