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erichlund wrote:
Are you really trying to tell me that you can tell that a photo is customer perfect and ready to print from the little screen, either on the camera or on the printer? Please let me kneel and kiss your feet. The bestI can generally do is tell garbage / not garbage. Not garbage is not a critical evaluation of the readiness of a photo, merely a first impression. The cameras are good. Some are great. But a great photographer can take a better picture with a box camera from Walmart than most people can take with the best of digital cameras. That doesn't mean that the pro's photo doesn't need editing. It means (s)he has a better starting point.

Pictbridge is for snapshots. You want to print a bunch of party photo's and don't want the bother of going through the computer. Of course, if you are going to follow your own advice and make and effort to preserve the electronic copy of the photo, you need to go through the computer anyway. Personally, I wouldn't even print the snapshots without first previewing them on the computer, but that's my choice.
Yes... But I have to admit I'm the sort of fellow who likes nifty features like a screen, card slots, and pictbridge. The screen is handy because error messages are in English rather than obscure undocumented blinkies. Most PCs don't come with card slots so it's either install a set on my PC or get them on the printer. The floppy is pretty much a dead standard anyway. Pictbridge is nice for more than just snapshots as it makes a camera a portable drive that can be jacked into just about any printer. But I respect the fact that Epson didn't include it as the target market doesn't need it as everyone shelling out the bucks for the R800/r1800/r2400 is going to be printing from photoshop after at the very least a color correction curve and the approperate paper profile.

Of course, since they won't print on CDs, I haven't examined Canon prints from the current printers. Have they toned down the colors yet, or are they still "brighter than life"? That's always been my complaint with the Canon printers is their perception of color. I don't mind adjusting the printer to get an accurate print, but a good starting point is not an unreasonable request.
I describe it as punchy. But what's worse than that is the whole document oriented printing. For example I can't print plain text among a bunch of graphics without it using cyan magenta and yellow to make black. HP at the very least is object oriented. To be honest i'm still trying to figure out Canon logic to printing... I was trying for a nice ivory logo and it gave me still born blue. Last time I enable ICM.

iSAPS Guy wrote:
Obviously, you're probably seeing me hint that I just got the new Canon MP950! OH YEAH! It's SOO COOL. 7 Ink Cartridges; it's essentially the new Canon IP6600d engine and ink set, adding the large, pigment based black for text (PG-5). With a scan engine and scanning ability approximately like their scanner, 8400F, with batch negative and 35mm and slide scanning capability with FARE3 under the hood. IT's SOO COOL. This new machine just HIT the stores (it was released about 3 to 4 weeks ago officially). It's worth all the money. Thank you for your reply on yield, I hope and believe you're getting satisfying results as I am. Here's a good hint; have a garage sale again like I've done, sell your MP760 and get the new one!!! OH YEAH!
Thank you for your advice, however I don't think the mp760 is ready for the garage sale just yet. Given the fact that the mp780 is still in production, the fact that I bought the mp760 about 4 months ago for $200ish, I don't think i'm ready to upgrade *just* yet. Don't get me wrong the mp900/mp950 has some *nice* features... esp the fact that they offer the pigmented inktank along with the 6 tank set. Direct scan to CD printing is a nifty keen feature in the mp900. The last printer I spend that much moolah on was the HP 950, and I was so pleased that I didn't have to spend an arm and a leg for the mp760. I'm sure i'll upgrade in a couple of years, when the technology has proven it self.

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