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I have been searching for a long time, on getting a photo printer. I wanted to get something like a canon ip4000, or ip5000, and today I went to staples. The guy said there, that on 5 full ink cartridges, a whole set of new ones; you can only get around 40 4 x 6" prints. This cost is ridiculous, that cost is not even including the photo printer. Why do so many people opt for the photo printer, when you can just go to a photo store like blacks for like 29 cents a page?

Did i get some wrong information or something? I was really looking forward to having one, because i thought it was better quality, and cheaper than going to photo store to have them printed.

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Tom's Hardware came up with a cost per page for ink of an A6 at 12c a photo for the Canon 860. I think the iP4000 would be slightly less because the photo cyan and magenta are weaker inks and require more for coverage. The iP4000 & 5000 doesn't use those inks. I can say from personal experience that the salesman's numbers are off.

Canon cartridges are easy to fill and MIS makes some very good ink for them. My ink costs for a 4 X 6 would probably be around one cent. I usually print 5 X 7s just to pass around and putting two 5 X 7s on a sheet of Red River 8.5 X 11 paper is cheaper than I can get 4 X 6s printed for. So my answer to your question is that I can print cheaper and get almost instant prints without having to mess with a store.

There are certainly advantages to having prints made. My local Walgreen uses the excellent Fuji Frontier system and charges only 20c a picture for over 50 shots. They are more fade resistant than dye based prints, but that isn't very significant for small photos you keep in an album. It does become significant for larger shots you hang on the wall.

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In support of slipe's comments for the printer you mention:
I have the ip4000R, have printed around 45 4x6" and five A4 photos, all on highest quality. Thanks to the clear ink tanks I can easily see the ink levels - all tanks are still close to full!

Here in New Zealand A4 prints from a printer like the ip4000 are MUCH cheaper than from a photo store (~$2 incl paper vs $15!).
DIY prints are also more convenient and fun )

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Very bogus information.

Unfortunately, wrong information seems the norm these days at such retailers.

On my IP4000 (and the i850 before it) I can usually chew through about 200 4x6s before I maybe drop ONE cartridge. It's easy to keep track since I buy those little Canon 120 packs.
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Hi Eibbor,

I recently bough an IP6000.
I have printerd about 20 A4's and 12 4x6.
The printer software was showing that there was no ink used.
Just to make sure I took out the cartridges for a second to check and right enough the levels were still full.
What a printer, great images and uses little ink!!!
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There was a test done last year by a group of consumer test organisations using a German Laboratory that found an i865 did 44 A4 photos before the 1st cart ran out. The results were expressed in terms of cost per 6x4. An iP4000 should be similar. There are a lot of self serve photolabs doing cheap 6x4 but I think that most places probably still charge a premium for larger prints. My printer justifies itself to the family in the cost savings doing birthday cards alone, any photos are a bonus.
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I bought a Canon i990 7 ink printer last week and taking in to account the levels of the ink remaining, calculated that I am getting over 100 A4 colour prints per seven cartridges. Most of the ink used was photo magenta and photo cyan.
This compares very favourably to my Epson 210 which returned 70 A4 prints per set of six cartridges.
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To me the photo printer and the photo store serve different purposes. If I want 50 4x6 shots from my holiday I go to the store. If I want 1 or 2 shots I'll use my printer. If I want 1 A4 to put on my wall printed exactly as I want it I'll use the photo printer and maybe try a few at different settings to get the print just right.

This is much the same way as I used the lab and my home dark room when shooting film.
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Visited my local diigital print store yesterday.

I wanted an A3 print. I was quoted £20 which is about $38

Yes thats $38.00 for a single A3 print, oh and another $18
if I want it framed.

Therefore I am going to buy an A3 printer, probably an Epson

My point being a) you lucky americans, b) these debates about home printing or store printing are invalid here in the UK.

Add to this the fact most high street printers make a mess of the printing. Its no good having a $20,000 printing setup if you only pay peanuts to monkeys to operate it.
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:roll: The Guy at Staples is eithet "stupid" or just a Canon hater! Canon has the lowest OEM brand ink in the market and produces the HIGHEST yield of prints with its seperate inks over any other brand in the market, especially over dye-sub. Sure some of the retail stores out there are putting 19 cents on their 4"x6" prints, but they are loosing money on this because they are trying to get people away from buying inkjet printers! When you ask the store how much they charge then for 5"x7" prints of 8.5"x11", then you'll see how they've inflated those to make up for cost. Several dollars for the 8.5"x11" when the inkjet will be about $1.15. The Canon inks are about $12 retail and I just found them online, genuine for about $6 each!!! Get this, in starting out with a full set of ink on my IP5000, and printing nothing but 4"x6" photos (4 and 5MP), before running out of one ink, I got 182 of them!!! I find out who that salesman is in that store and take my prints into him and put the STACK is his hand and ask him where the heck he gets his numbers from. Staples is at a disadvantage though, they don't have vendor reps like Best Buy and some of the other computer stores do. Before buying the Canon rep explained all about this to me, at a Best Buy store and he was right!
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