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Old May 25, 2005, 4:25 PM   #21
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Harvey wrote:
I'd takebrendonblomquistposts with a large pinch of salt - they've only made two posts here so far, both being obvious spam for inkrepublic.

There's lots of similar posts for inkrepublic on this board (members who only make a couple of posts then disappear) - they are just spam from inkrepublic.

That in itself makes me avoid them.
I don't know brendonblomquistor any other folks who speak highly of Ink Republics System.If someone makes a few posts reporting their positive experience with their particular product, and then does not post again, it does not immediately brand them as covert reps for a company, at least, notin my mind.I can always PM them if I want additional info.It's usually from the most disgruntled folks that we hear the most from. This or that sucks! Piece of S***, etc. Just because someone has a positive experience with a particular system and shares it, does not make them a shill for the company.

If that were the case then you could call me a shill for the JLW system that I have installed on my R300 & working well. Since installing, I have gone through the JLW inks and am now using MIS Bulk. I have pulled my JLW cartridges twice for re-routing of Supply tubing & an attempt to get my Cart clamp to work with this system (it did not). I did get ink on my hands from one leaky JLW cart, but when re-installed, it stopped leaking. So, I suppose I am lucky.

If buying a CIS today, I would look for a JLW like Tank System and a valved cartridge arangement. JLW may have gone to a Valved cart, but I am not sure on this. The "O" ring carts that I got with my system have had problems for others. No CIS is infallible, they are all subject to breakdown, but some do last longer for one person than the same unit installed in someone elses similar printer. Go Figure?

If I was using an R1800 or better printer, I would be seriously looking at the InkRepublicDampers with JLW type tanks. I personally likeIR's damper system and customer response....they e-mailed me back with answers same day. Even so I could not justify costs of their system at that time. JLW did not provide the same type of customer response. Yet I have the JLW system.

FYI: I believe someone on another forum actually built a system comprised of the abovecomponents and has good success with it.

Does the above post make me a shill for both companies? Take it with a Grain of Salt!
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Old May 26, 2005, 1:58 AM   #22
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dishinit wrote:

Does the above post make me a shill for both companies? Take it with a Grain of Salt!
Certainly not,a factual post,based on personal experience is the life blood of all forums,thank you for your unbiased and helpfull post.

However I fully agree with comments by HARVEY, this forum has been littered in the past by posts by newcomers who only wish to push there own product,using unsubstantiated "facts" to put down the opposition,when asked to substantiate these statements they reply using personal insults and abuseand more mistruths,or by not replying,they have sown the seeds,their job is over.

There is no value in a post that says "all the stuffxyz make is cr##p" and follow with the link to their Employers web site.

If every poster recounts their personal experiences (good or Bad) of a particular product then the newcomer can draw their own conclusions as to the suitability of the product for their needs and pocket.
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Old May 26, 2005, 8:37 PM   #23
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I think I need to clarify something first.

I saw fperry loaded a lot of positive feedback of JWL on dpreview.

I saw it is "true". Well, mabye it is.

I then ordered out from ebay, it works great at very beginning. Unfortunately, it does not last longer than I expected. Guess what, I still saw fperry posting many feedbacks on dpreview, tried to promo JWL's product. Anyway, maybe he thinks it's worthy to share his experience to all of us.

I, indeed, purchased JWL's system based on fperry's experience.

I also saw many feedbacks on dpreview regarding InkRepublic'sCIS. Thus, I bought their system too.

I registered my account with steve's dig back to this FEB, rarely post anything unless I feel like to do so. I love InkRepublic's system and their customer service is excellent.

They follow up with me, when I had problem, they got back to me within 30 mins.

Like fperry, I want to help people get a real good system, brand name is secondary, but it must be good.

fperry, I dont remember what I was trying to say, I typed that post while playing with my little boy. he kept bothering me, but I must spend my time with him during weekend.

that's it! not gonna reply anything after this. thank you!

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Old Jun 12, 2005, 6:43 PM   #24
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Anyone tried the JLW Ver 6 comes with UV dye ink but is somewhat pricey starts at $103.50 w $25 shipping on Ebay. I think I will try one from Wholesale Ink or one I found on a google search that is $95 shipped andcpmes with a 30 daywarrantee.prrantee
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Old Jun 12, 2005, 11:02 PM   #25
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It's a bit soon for anyone to have real experience with the JLW v6 set, but I've had a good look at the very detailed set of pictures he has on Ebay (downloaded and enlarged them, even...)

He's using the same tanks, which I always liked, and the major change is to a completely re-designed cartridge.

It looks very good, has a proper shutoff valve on the outlet port, reduced weight through holding less ink (you don't need all that much in the cart with continuous flow) and the cartridge height has been reduced by about 6mm to allow the grey cover to remain in place.

I'm not so sure about his replacing the original tubing with a much thinner one (probably to allow the tubes to go through the very tiny gap between the top cover and the lid hinge -- it would jam on and possibly break the standard tubes.)

It was easy enough to clog the old tubes -- the thin ones (1.8mm, if I recall correctly) will be easier again.

If I'd not already bought a replacement system (not yet fitted -- have been snowed under lately) I'd be looking seriously at this one.

Possibly because it very broadly matches an idea I've been turning over in my mind for some while and have actually sketched a few times (old envelopes are useful things...)

His pricing suggests that possibly he's done it right this time and used decent quality bits -- I certainly hope so.

To change the subject a bit -- I noticed in a recent post someone querying the advantage of the 'constant pressure' bottles most systems now use.

They're a variation on the "Mariotte" bottle used to regulate pressure in lots of other constant flow applications and pretty much eliminate the difference in outlet pressure from the bottle as the level drops, so allowing the more-or-less constant vacuum produced by the print heads to deliver exactly the same flow.

The pressure at the outlet (head) will be that between the air intake and the outlet, not that between the top of the ink level and the outlet -- in the CIS ink bottles this is usually almost nil, as the air is taken in through a port at the bottom of the bottle (that's why you'll see bubbles rising when the printer is operating.)

In the systems (if any still exist) that use a suction tube in the bottle and just an air vent in the top, the drag required to fill the cart will be lower when the bottle is full and will increase as the level drops, which could lead to the carts becoming pressurised and cause leaks.

If anyone's interested in a demonstration of the Mariotte bottle effect, just get a glass (preferably one with the top larger than the bottom), immerse it in water so that it's totally full, then slowly lift it out upside down.

You'll find the glass stays full so long as the open top is submerged -- the weight of the contents will be borne by the glass so long as it remains airtight, and you'll feel the weight increasing as you lift it from the water.

Lesson ends... :G
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Old Jun 13, 2005, 8:15 AM   #26
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I have just ordered a version6 from JLW,should arrive this week,I have also ordered another R210,cant afford to be without the old one so a good opportunity to have the old JLW alongside the version 6.
I will post the moment I recieve the V6,I can post detailed pictures of any parts you have particular interest in. They do seem to have addressed the problem areas of the original system. ------Time will tell !!
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Old Jun 20, 2005, 12:05 PM   #27
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:blah:dir all, any one who want to purchase Ciss from China, pls contact me.

I am from China cute maker company, we have another style of Ciss, wholesale or retailer are both welcomed. our website: www.cutemaker.com, email: [email protected], I am lily.

thanks to all reader and this forum!!

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Old Jun 24, 2005, 8:47 AM   #28
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If you have a CIS installed in your Epson R200/R300, and are fed up with amount of ink wasted each time the printer does a auto-clean or cart recharge, then go here for a cure.

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Old Oct 18, 2005, 11:46 AM   #29
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Hey folks...

Well aware I'm the n00b on this particular block and with the full knowledge that a small dose of salt is required given that there's the associated "shill", "spammer" label just waiting to pop out, I'll just pop some feedback from my experiences of the MIS and InkRepublic CIS kits..

For the record though, I haven't touched the JWL kits and in truth the simple reason for that is that I started out with MIS 2 years ago for a client school looking to reduce their printing costs... The charge there was in the US$120+ per kit range so I assumed that the ebay stuff was a knock off and treated it accordingly... In some cases it seems it was a good thing... Anyways... here goes..

Given that I started with MIS kits I'll being there...

I've had 3 x C84/86 kits over the past 2 years, all of which are very much in use with DURABrite equiv' inks (from MIS) and I have to say, were it not for the positive experience I got there, I'd probably not be here now. The ink quality is excellent and the printer output good too (but that's more to do with the printer).

My main areas for improvement for the kits is the lack of a container (box, etc...) to actually hold the bottles in. When your printers are in a primary school you are a little wary of the ickle darlings wanting to look at the pretty colours closer and ending up with a technicolour face painting session that won't come off... That and the potential for a *bump*, "oops!" moment is something that could reducing. The solution is lots of tape affixing the bottles around the printer itself but it ain't elegant.

On top of that I found the actual length of the tubing a little on the short side, especially when it came to wanting to put the bottles into a box/carrier I had found to hold them in. An extra couple of inches would make all the difference.

The next issue is something I hear mention of a fair amount and that's the "sponge bubble" effect. In truth it's not a major problem for me (I suspect that newer kits no longer get this at all), as I get messy as a matter of course but the older models can fill with bubbles over time and occassionally it's necessary to pull the ink through using a syringe and bottom fill adaptor is a bit of a pain. Still n'all it's easy enough to do... Doesn't waste any ink and can be messy. (nb: I've only had to do this once or twice a year)

Only other thing worth noting is that the chips are reset to 100% so you get the slightly irritating "ink charging" issue if your printers get turned off regularly. For those really counting the pennies it's a little costly (in the scheme of things, perhaps not much but still).

Ink Republic
I've been playing with these kits now for the past 2 months and when I say playing, I mean playing. They were bought with the express purpose of seeing just how effective/good/bad they were so when comparing against your own experience/MIS above, you'll need to bear that in mind.

In usage terms I've had the kits on R200, R300, C86 and C84 printers. I've ONLY used MIS Assoc' inks though (not those supplied by InkRepublic)... ie: Durabrite equiv and standard dyebase. (I also had a botched attempt trying MIS Archival inks with the R300, which aren't really compatible, and proved how easy it was purge and replace ink in the kit the hard way!)

First the good...
- The algorithm in the reset chips is inspired with it only resetting when it's reaching close to empty and only resetting to 90% full. For me it helps to see just how quick my carts would otherwise be losing ink were they standard ones. Certainly a school or other client gets to see how often they'd be replacing things so it's a useful if somewhat flippant measure.
- The print head buffers are pretty reasonable and the lack of sponge means that the whole "bubble" blocking issue is a non issue (but see the bad below)
- The buffers are also very small compared to full carts so you don't need to be taking off the trapdoor type doohickey on the cart holder/print-head.
- The kit comes with a box and plenty of tubing (perhaps too much, but you can always cut the ends right) so you can locate the ink securely and not have to worry about kits getting a major splash of ink.
- It is VERY easy to flush the ink out of the system if you c*** up or just want to use another ink type/brand.

OK, Now, the bad
- The arrangements of the tubes from the print buffers/heads is a ruddy nightmare and I've already told InkRepublic (I.R.) that they need to give it a major rethink. The tubing needs to have a decent guide to avoid twisting, unncessary wear & tear, and mechanical jamming of the whole printer. It is the biggest failing of the unit!
- Installation can be, and frankly is, a quite stressful experience. If you're not careful you can break the head feeders by pushing the buffers/heads in a horizontal direction (not easy to do but it's something to watch out for!) or let the print buffer/head leak by not pressing it down firmly enough.. Experience teaches you when you've got it right but the first kit is a real sweat generator.
- It's very easy to install the chips upside down if you're not paying attention (me? do something dumb? *whistle*) so you need to be careful

For my money, as someone who is installing these for 3rd party clients now, I have to say that my preference is for the Ink Republic kits as they're a bit more versatile and can be used in other printers (although you do still need the right chipset) but I say this in the firm knowledge that I have the experience to install them properly using methods that I've had to learn myself. The use of a glue gun figures in this for starters... The cost factor can be a bit off-putting though to say the least.

For someone who is a first timer or who just wants a decent system with ink that does what it should straight away, then my money is on MIS as the ink is first rate, the service fast, and the cartridges are simple to install. The down side is the bubble issue but a recent redesign of the carts seems to have resolved that as a problem.

That's all I can talk about, based on experience... In terms of future plans, I will certainly be spending some time looking at the JWL kits with a view to testing out the new version 6 kit that is apparently out, and especially the ink reservoirs which I reckon would resolve many of my niggles with the kits I've used to date. I doubt very much that I'll be swayed on the issue of the cartridges though as the Ink Republic dampers/heads are really much better than anything else I've seen.

But of course this is all salt soaked stuff... Either way I can now see that combination of:
- Ink Republic heads and tubing
- experience of tube organisation.
- MIS inks
- JWL reservoirs
... would provide the ultimate Continuous Feed system for my purposes...

Finally, just to end on a question... Is anyone aware of a dedicated (and active!) continuous ink feed discussion forum?

I ask as I've had naff all luck to date and am intending to get something organised for this very purpose if nobody has anything up and running already.

Cheers all and hope that proves useful...


Edit: Well on the aspect of a dedicated discussion forum, it seems the answer is no.. So I've setup something on http://www.continuousink.info... It'd just be nice to get everything in one place.
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I have just purchased a R300 and go the CIS from Matrix Ink. The cost for the refurbished printer was $90 from Epson. Cost of the CIS from Matrix Ink was $100. Took all of 7 minutes to set it up. Working perfectly and print quality good as originals. CIS came with ink in the bottles.
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