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Ok guys i am new here and have checked around the forum and the net to see how to remove these in order to clean them, but can find nothing.

I want to clean because i am not able to use printer as i am getting the paper light and ink light flashing together, i have read the thread on how to make a new reovoir for the waste ink to flow into, but need to get the thing working first.

So does anyone know how to remove the pads.
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Cleaning the pads will not solve your problem,needs a software reset,this post will give you the link.

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Thanks for getting back. I do have this program but it cannot stop the pads being full it can only reset them into making the printer think the pads are not full, i can make the new drain off for the wasted ink no problem, but thought that sombody may have just managed to remove pads for cleaning.
Again thanks for the reply.
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Just install the drain tank and forget about the pads being full (they're not, as a rule -- the counter usually runs out with enough margin to be safe, it's when you reset it and don't make any other arrangement you run into strife.)

Believe me, you don't WANT to get into the pads -- it's a quite major stripdown and you need to know exactly what you're about.

Personally, I'd rather buy a new printer than go through all that hassle.
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When the message came up on mine, I ran the reset software to get rid of it. The ink pad is actually tied down with a short cable and almost impossible to remove. After centering the head, I used around 20 tissues to soak up the ink from the pad (it was swimming in it)and before long it was clean. There is also a tube running underneath the printer to a large pad at the back and if this gets saturated you are out of luck.
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