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Default Text / Photo printer question

There are so many photo printers to choose from! Our primary use is home/Office use. Mostly text. Currently our printer is an HP 870 which has served us quite well. Of course it lacks a lot when it comes to printing photos. We just aquired a new Canon G2 so its obvious we need a new printer. We have been looking at Epson and Canon printers. And have gone to their sites, but there is no or little mention of Text printing. My question: Which printer has all the normal text functions such as printing to BOTH SIDES of paper, Envlopes, Banners and still produces Quality photos?
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Consider just a new photo printer and hook both printers up to your computer. Windows will let you select the appropriate printer to use for each print job.
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^^^^ I'm with this option.

The reason:

Because it is very difficult to find a printer that suits both needs exceptionally well. The only thing close to that on the consumer market is the HP 5550 which allows you to swap the black cartridge out with a black ink. The problem however with the 5550 is the ink costs are higher than your current HP printer even just for text. THe 51645a cartridge your current printer uses holds 42ml of ink for only 29 bucks or 25 in packs of two in contrast with that of the 56 black cartridge on the 5550 only holds 19ml and costs 20 bucks.

Also the HP 5550 even though it does print well in many tests. Still is costly as a photo printer. HP rates this printer to get 120 4x6 prints to a set of color inks. If you add this cost up with paper you end up around a dollar a sheet at the very minium cost.

Next, Not to mention other fualts with this printer include that you can only do borderless prints on one size of paper. 4x6 with a preforated tab. Contrast that with the likes of a canon 830D or Canon 900 which allow you to do borderless prints on letter and 4x6 prints. Then you can go another step above that with the epson 925 or the 960 which allows you to print 4x6,5x7,8x10,letter as well as allowing you to do roll printing which lets you do up to 4x44, 5x44, 8.3x44 in 4 types of paper. (matte coming soon)

YOU can research these printers yourself. I've given you the best models to choose from. You may also want to check The HP models 7350 7550. Or if you are possibly looking into the pro type market you can start at the epson 2200 move up to the 5500 or the 7600.
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Thanks for your respones. I'm aware one can use two printers on one system, but would rather keep it simple if possible.

Looks like I will research and focus on the the 2 Canon and 2 Epson models.

Gregerson salvage , the last part of your message was cut off.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks again.
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Big O
I have the HP5550 and it is a great photo and all purpose printer. You can add a photo cartridge to achieve 6 color printing. The biggest knock against HP printers is the ink cost. I refill my own cartridges and have reduced this cost significantly. The Epson 960 or Canon 900 would also be good choices.
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