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If you read my post (Woe of Epson C62) (19 Jan on Page 5).
I have proved that Epsons will 'clog' whether or not you use genuine or third party inks.

Am I right then in saying then that Epsons are liable to clog with Epson inks as any other (yes, I know there are good and bad suppliers).

Whilst on to 'Epson Technical' I was told never ever clean the nozles more than about six times or this will CERTAINLY damage the head along with a letter saying 'air bubles damages heads'

Why is this not mentioned in their manuals?

And another thought, if I should go away on holiday or vacation, lets say two weeks WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? buy an new Epson we come back - again no mention of this.

You can look through any forums and you will note that it only appears to be Epsons that are getting clogged, yes I've seen a couple or so other's but not as many
as Epson..! Which leaves the 'chip' in the tank queston.

Why is the chip there?
Epson say's it's to stop the tank 'running dry'. but it don't do anything for 'clogging', so it's either to stop you filling the tanks or 'FLEECE' you out your hard earned cash - which is it, I'd say the latter personally because it offers no improvement at all, or is it that Epson are aware of the clogging ?

Incidentally the chip counts the times the nozzles are in operation, which then addresses the printer.

Sleeves rolled up then.
Having the complete detailed service manual, I stripped printer down as stated. I removed the tank holder complete with head assembley mounted - hey and guess what?

There where ink weeping, not running, not dripping but weeping from the trim that clamps the heads in place - the only ink that should be visible is that on the nozzels, you could even see the direction it was going as some had dried

So this is either a sealing problem, blocked nozzles or dried ink in the chamber that supplies the nozzles, so I drenched the whole surface in Isopropanol (I use it on video heads etc, gets finger marks from front panals - AND NO it didn't melt the plastic). OK what damage can you do to a C62's - do tell..?

But my efforts was in vain, still the same ol' dodgy print, same old lines in the same old place which gets worse if I UP the print quality. The only force used is gravity and the vibration of the peizo heads to put the ink on the paper.

I know that C62's are not worthy of such excellent forums as these, but feel that I ought to mention what I think was happening in MY case.


Note for C80 series owners.
A common problem with the C80 series, the plastic waste pipe comes away from the pump and you get a ink build up in the waste tank where the head is parked, thus not doing a proper cleaning cycle and this causes printing problems and clogged heads.
This connector can be found under where the head parks, the tube leads to a high absorbancy foam mat under the printer mechanism.


The cure is simply to refix the pipe and the clip and a couple of cleaning cycles - but not in my case.

Do not attempt to clean this high absorbancy foam mat - it can be quite messy.

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I had enough of the C62, so I ended up dismantling the head assembly yet again, as before I noted ink weeping from edge of the head clamp, cleaning the whole face with isopropanol, re-assembling and a couple of nozzles cleans brought it back to life along with the same old symptoms.

So I removed the head assembley again knowingly for the last time, upon removing the head clamp I was aghast with the amount of dried ink that had caked up on one side of the clamp, the dried ink came off in tiny clumps, I could see a small damp area where I presume the ink had been coming from, the other three edges was intact with no signs of ink build up.

Since this is the 2nd printer with the same print faults as the original I am pretty sure that the cause was the same and a pretty good bet that it was on the same edge.

It seems hard to imagine two printers with presummeably the same defects, the nozzle selector board which is at right angles to the print head, was intact and clean, no ink stains (this is a small PCB that carries the connections to the print head), any corrosion of the copper tracks will cause print problems and ink stains will cause the copper tracks to short or become leaky to electrical signals that drive the head.

What could have caused this in two printers I can only put down to poor design or faulty manufacture of the print head. I doubt that there is anything that I could have done to create this fault on two printers in about the same period of time.

But as I have said it all began by a nozzle clean which seem to become more frequent.

I put the printer where it best belongs - in the trash bin

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:blah: Wow...really sounds like you've had enough w/Epson. You need a Canon! I have had Canon's for 5 years and love them!
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Oh boy......!

Had the Canon ip5000 is... Only had it a week, no clogs, no head cleans and checking the ink tanks visually they'er still full - What sheer bliss.

Someone said it was awsome...now I know what they mean, it's fast, it's quiet .

I had the Epson 2nd day it wanted a nozzle clean, the thing went 'kaputt' after about 6 months, the xchanged unit wanted a nozzle clean after 4 days I think it was and that went wonky in about the same time.

Epsons are just noisy ink guzzlers.

They clog with Genuine inks and clog with 3rd party inks, and if Epson gets there way there will only be Epson inks.

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