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Default HP 7550, Canon S830D, or the Epson 925???

bI'm trying to decide between three printers and I could really use some input. Currently we have the epson 777 and we would really like a better photo printer without sacrificing much on text from what we have now. We are looking at the Epson 925, the Canon S830D, and the HP 7550. We aren't really concerned with initial price or speed but we are concerned with long term price (print ink, print heads etc.).

Any and all thoughts are welcomed, thanks!
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Default printer choices!

I have had my fill of printer decisions! I bought the HP 7550 and was very satisfied with the results, except for the ink guzzling it did. I ordered the canon S830D, and was dissapointed initially compared to the HP but decided to sacrifice a little quality because it was better on ink consumption. I noticed that it printed better from the memory card right away. Then, I tried to scan a photo in and print it and it was terrible! I called tech support, which is not too good and they couldn't help me. They did tell me though that it should be printing better from the computer than from the memory card. I tried all kinds of settings from dpi's on my scanner and wasted alot of paper and ink. Finally, I called gateway and told them I wanted to return this printer and try the S900. Too bad, as of this week its discontinued. I order the S9000 even though I don't need a wide format. Just got it in today, and am totally blown away! Something has got to wrong with the S830D. This is how its supposed to print I'm sure of it. I'm going to keep the S9000 though because I like the speed. I am so amazed. I can't say enough about this printer! It makes the prints printed from the HP look inferior. I was interested in the new i950, but canon tells me that they might not even sell it in the US. If anyone knows anytihing, let me know. I still have 15 days now to return the S9000 if the i950 will be out any time soon.
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I would out of all those 3 printers get the epson 925. The reason why is because the 925 was designed to be completly independent of the PC. Printing 8 types of epson paper and 4 different sizes right off the printer. It also has a roll cutter so you can use the roll paper which comes in 3 different types. The only problem with the roll is that it comes out curled but you can reverse curl it and it straightens out. Do not try and put it under a book. Its very easy to use and has incredible print capabilities. Is a little on the slow side however. It supports DPOF feature of allowing you to select the prints you want to print on your camera and putting the card into the printer and selecting size and paper type. This printer also supports the DCS feature that allows many cameras from many manufactures except canon and HP to print directly off the camera.

The canon can only do letter and 4x6 sizes off the printer and it can only do 3 types of paper. Off the PC its supposed to print according to canon exactly the same as the 900 just slower. It also supports both DPOF features and the ability to plug your CANON camera into the printer and print. Seperate ink tanks on this printer make printing a lot of one color a bit more effecient but it will guzzle the photo inks.

The HP is an ink guzzler only prints 4x6. But has some cool custom crop features that come with it. Supports DPOF and the ability to print directly off an HP camera. Print quality is good on the colors however on the blacks it will print a little on the lower quality side for blacks since they dont soak all the way into the page and give that layering effect HP is famous for on photo papers although it is not as bad as some of the previous HP printers.
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I have the HP 7150 and get outstanding prints but the cost, ouch. If HP would adjust the price of their ink cartridges I would not be looking for a new printer. The quality is just that good.

I have been looking at other printers and with the exception of one poster on this forum the Canon 6 ink printers seem to be the printer of choice. Canon is introducing their new i950 and I will likely wait for a good price on this printer. If you need something right away look at the S820. Great reviews and a low price.

Steve’s review quote

The S820's print quality is "awesome" and looks like what you get from a pro color lab if you can remember the "good old" days.
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Default printer

Yes, I've always had good results with HP in the past, but when I got my canon G2, I wanted a photo printer that printed borderless. I bought the HP 7550 and was very pleased. What I didn't like was that it sucked half of the color ink cartidge after only about 20 or so 4x6 prints. Atleast my photosmart P1000 had larger tanks. I tried the S830D and I think its defective because I'm sending it back and now have the Canon S9000 and am so in love with it!!! It's truly breathtaking. This is probably how the S830D was supposed to print. I could just exchage it for another S830D, but now really like the speed of the S9000. I get a borderless 4x6 in about 30 seconds. To me, it blows the HP out of the water.
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