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Somewhile back there where one or two comments about black text appearing gray in the draught mode with the supplied ink and being OK when a new ink tank was fitted.

Not so with this one, the print was acceptable for draught documents and did'nt appear to be gray nor too light. I'd say the quality being better than anticipated for draught mode.

Increasing to 'standard' setting the print was excellent no sign of feathering, even around the tops of letters C and S, for this I used my favourite Comic Sans at 12pt, got to admit I did'n try the smaller prints, could'nt see any signs of 'bleeding'.

For some strange reason two power leads came with mine, a US type and a UK type.... is this normal..????

I did read somewhere that someone is using the UK 240V version DIRECTLY on the US 115V system, (I would'nt like to be the CPU or digital chips in there - they like to have a 'stiff' well regulated supplies), if the ripple current is high, maybe in time the electrolytic capacitors will start to feel the pain, when that happens they start to swell and you get corrosive electrolyte all over the circuit board IF that is the case, "yeah... I know they're vented".

There was only five sheets of 4 x 6 photo paper ...."what inspiration"...! I do feel Canon could have been a little more considerate here with their samples.

The prints I did was excellent, both on Canon's 6" x 4" PR101 and an un-known A4 photo glossy brand, white was white etc - I ain't no photo expert but I did like what I saw, I'm more into graphics than photography - if the sky is blue and the grass is green that will suit me fine....!

One or two comments in previous post said this printer was awsome, "boy....now I know what they mean" It's fast and it's good, and from what I've read it's economical as well.

I was only goinna' comment about the draught text.


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