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I am not a professional but I am completely obessive about many things... After hours/days/weeks of looking for a new printer and digital camera I purchased an IP5000. (camera decision 90% done S2 IS I think).. Anyways I've been sitting here at my desk for about 5 hours now... What I did before trying this new printer is I went to CVS pharmacy and for 19 cents a piece (50 minimum) I printed a variety of nature/people of my favorite photos for the single use of comparrison between my new printer that arrived today...

And after this 5 hours I can say that you'd be really hard pressed to tell the difference without a loop. HOWEVER this Canon's color was way too yellow and not enough magenta. And what really got me ticked off is only after printing I don't wanna know how much moneyin Photo Paper, I realized that Easy Photo Print regardless of how you change your Printer Preferences (sliding magenta up/yellow down) doesn't have a SINGLE effect! There was one post on here that a guy said that but I couldn't find that statement confirmed anywere else... So I'm here to verify that yes in Easy Photo you can't add or take out a particular color.. or you can but it won't do anything... How stupid is this? I do like it's easy menu system and the wayyou select your prints..

So I use good old Photoshop and now finally I've got good enough prints sothat I can stop printing the same two stupid pictures over and over!

By the way... The $20/$70 off when you buy a PIXMA and a Sureshot is still going on through September if you go directly to canon.com and look up offers. Most of the coupons out there say they expire May 31st.

This is in the wrong section but:

Now I just can't comming to buying that Canon S2 IS..Stupid stores charge 15% on returns if I dont like it. And most are out of stock already! I've had a 2.0 MP Sony Mavica 200CD or whatever and I just sold it (maybe big mistake) for $186 to a co-worker. I paid $900 just a few years ago... Yes it was big and slow, but it took AMAZING (I think) daytime and macro shots! I just want something relatively smaller with lots of manual and different modes and has very little SHUTTER DELAY! If only the canon didn't have a stupid 1.8" LCD.. my sony had 2.5". ahhh. Why can't they just make exaclty what I want? Plus that $70 offrebate is making me spend $700. I'm an idiot.

Happy trails,

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I agree that Easy Photo Print is not really such a great program. Get Photoshop CS or at least Elements.

I went to fill out my rebate and noticed the 5/31/2005 cutoff date and was really pissed off! Then I googled canon rebate and voila! There was a new coupon to 9/30/2005. I used the Pixma/ Desktop computer combo to get the rebate. There are several versions out there. I also used a $50 rebate direct from Office depot. So I ended up with a $120 rebate which is what Office depot had listed originally. Not bad... $79 for a Pixma 5000.

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:blah: I have the SAME printer, IP5000 and love it. I'm not sure if you installed ALL of the Canon printing softwware, but Canon PhotoRecord allowsyou to make the adjustment you were referring to. Easy Photo Print is the "idiot" proof software for everyone to use to make easy awesome looking prints. PhotoRecord allows for many more finer adjustments that Easy Photo Print. Also, ......

ON THE CAMERA, YES, GET THE S2!!! I owned the S1and just sold it in my garage sale. You're NOT buying the camera just based on the a .2" difference on the size of the LCD display! The upgraded features in the S2 are utterly AWESOME! the 12x optical, Image Stablizer, those extra auto-shooting modes and the low-light shooting mode, not to mention manual modes, it being 5MP!! the video recording feature of 60 minutes non-stop in sterero! I go on and on, also did you know about the "my colors" ability to "swap" out colors after taking the pictures? This camera will be a legend in it's time! Also, the MIR counts and goes through the end of September! You may have been able to tell, but I work for Canon retail - and get NO discount! Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck!
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I really think Easy Photo Print does a great job, actually. After printing out a photo in my Adobe Photoshop Elements, it came out too greenish or whatever. Using Easy Photo Print, it came out with stellar colors.

I guess because Easy Photo Print works intimately with Canon's print driver = best results. Can't say a bad thing about EPP...it does what its suppose to do very well. If you need more, then obviously you should use an editing tool for that.

These programs that try to be the be-all-end-all just end up doing some things great and other things they suck. And they get more expensive.
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