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I have tried (unsuccessfullY) printing 8x10 photos on Letter size (8.5" x 11") photo paper - using the Canon Easy Photo Print s/w that came with the Canon Pixma printer, as well as Adobe PS Elements.

It seems that the only paper sizes supported by the Canon s/w is 4x6, 5x7 and Letter, so even buying 8x10 paper will not be the answer (?)

When I specify Letter size paper in this SW, and then select an 8x10 Layout, the printer prints phots that measure roughly 6 7/8 x 10 1/4 :?

Using PS Elements, I can never seem to get the Print dialog to allow me to specify 8x10 - if I select a height of 8" --> invariably the S/W forces a 12" length :?

BTW: the reason this is important to me is that 8x10 frames are failry cheap and easily available - while 8.5"x11" frames are tougher to find - anyone have any insight into where you can get some of these ??

TIA for any/all advice.


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Strange..? I seem to have no problems with the ip5000 printing an A4 in Easy Print or any other, after selecting the picture I click paper selection then clicking A4 then the
type of media.

The pixma ip4000/5000, and no doubt the others are real gems, just still can't get over how quiet it is,

Easy Print usually sets all the printing adjustments for you, but to be sure you can try checking the setting in the printers driver window. I'm sure someone out there will come along and point you in the right direction.

I've only had this over a week now and just learned how to import CD labels from Lable Maker and Surething for direct printing - I simply export them to a folder or place saving them as bitmap and then once on Pixma CD design simply import them from that file.

Hope you get the problem resolved soon

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Use Qimage. I cannot figure out why8x10 sheets are not available within Canon's drivers. Nevertheless, Qimage allows you to print an8x10 on letter sized paper. Then trim the page down.
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From Elements you have to crop to the right proportions. I think it works like Photoshop. Select the crop tool and put 10 inches in the width and 8 inches in the height boxes (or the other way round) with NOTHING in the pixels/inch or PPI box. It will constrain your crop to 8 X 10. Unless you have a 2Mp camera or crop a lot you should have enough pixels to print. If you go to image size you will see that it is stored as an 8 X 10 and it will tell you what PPI you ended up with to get that size print. If you print it you will get an 8 X 10.

Easy Photo Print will not print an 8 X 10 to my knowledge. If you are using letter sized photo paper you won't have a problem printing an 8 X 10 on it with Elements. You don't need specialized printing programs for simple print jobs like that though. If the paper is 8 X 10 and you want borderless you need some kind of specialized software because Canon Easy Photo Print will not do it for you.

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That's exactly what I was trying to do - thanks Snipe!
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I have a Canon i960 and use Easy Photo all the time. Select the image, the paper and then the template for the 8X10 from those on the left side. If you do nothing else and now print you will get a roughy 6.75X 10 print on 8.5X11 paper. The trick is to select the "trimming" option after you pick the 8X10 template to tell the printer what part of the image you want to print as 8X10 since cropping is required for that format. You can also print the 8X10 in Elements. The preview will show you the 8X10 image on the 8.5X11 sheet.
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