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I just returned from vacation with a load of pictures on my new Casio EX-Z750 camera (which I'm VERY pleased with), and so I jumped right into some rigorous review-reading in order to find the 'right' photo printer. I've always known Canon makes some of the best, so I immediately began comparing the iP4000, iP5000, and iP6000D. Here's what I found:

For most of my testing I used a group photo picture because faces seem to bea great indicator of detail and flesh tones. I brought my camera with to the store and first made a print on the iP6000D. VERY good quality, indeed. Flesh tones were beautiful and all colors very accurate.

I then made a print on the iP4000. It was decent, but... night and day in comparison to the iP6000D. The iP4000 print was DEFINITELY more grainy and less accurate in skin tones. I thought that all these printers might be the same, but the 4 colors and typical 2pl on the 4000 madethe printcomparatively less than stellar (note: store model printers are sometimes not as honest because of their abuse).

Sadly, the store didn't have the iP5000 model. So I went ahead and purchased the iP6000D. I made prints at home on the 6000, and was very impressed. The prints really are fantastic. Then I started thinking a little more, that although I have a color laser printer currently to print all of my documents, I may want document printing capabilities on this printer when I move away. In comes the iP5000 model.

I've gone through a huge hassle the last couple days trying to work with a TigerDirect.com outlet store to get them to do a price match, etc.with terrible customer service. Skip it. CompUSA has a steal deal going on right now for the iP5000 printer for only $129 (after a $20 manufacturer MIR which you can get anywhere).

I brought home the iP5000 printer, and so I had the 5000 and the iP6000D side-by-side! Let me tell you this: in my opinion, the iP5000 FAR surpasses the iP6000D in looks. The black and silver "breadbox" style is a sexy one for sure compared to the 6000's awkward space-ship design. The reason I jump to the printers' physical aspect so quickly, is because I have found LITTLE TO NO DIFFERENCE between the print quality on the iP5000 and the iP6000D. Flesh tones are likewise beautiful and graininess is minimal. This shows me that the 9600x4800 resolution on the 5000 is doing its job: 4 colors are able to do whata 6 color printer can. This means only 4 "color" cartridges to replace. Plus, I now have the capability of printing text documents on an extra Black text cartridge when needed.

So now the iP6000D is back at the store and the iP5000 is reigning high above the bookshelf. In summary: only get the iP4000 if you're not so nit-picky about quality. Only get the iP6000D if you need stand alone capability. If you're going to be hooked up to the computer, I hear that an external USB 2.0 card reader is faster than its built in one anyway (I didn't bother to check). Since the iP5000 with only cyan, magenta, and yellow can print the same quality prints as the iP6000D, has document printing capability, and physically looks nicer, AND right now is probably cheaper than the iP6000D at only $129, I RECOMMEND THE IP5000.

Hope this helps someoneā€¦ I never could find a good review that compared all 3 of these Canon printers. Of course, I'm only a day into it, so I'll try to post an update later on after the "new-product high" has worn off ;-)

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