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Default One for the Books

I was starting to have trouble with my Epson 640, it would make strange sounds when coming awake since i leave the power button in the on postion and the lights would always flash a lot. This would happen often. Another problem i started to have was my computer would not boot all the time. The USB hub lights would go on & off and the computer would get stuck at the dell splash screen. I posted this problem on oncomputers.com newsgroup an i got a responce that if the computer is making funny sounds might be the fan or USB hub maybe draining to much power. I have intel cam & Microtech smartmedia card reader pluged into the first 2 slots but recently i added a RF receiver for a logicatech cordless rumblepad. NOw my hub is a Nwepoint and is powerd so i moved the RF reveiver to the last slot and now everything working fine. Funny part is the printer is a parallel connection, you think the hub was the cause of everyhting even the printer trouble?
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I've seen some wierd things before but that just takes it. I would'nt be suprised though. Programers nodays are so sloppy with code that they could have accidently created a 1 in a million bug that just happend to effect your computer. After all this is microsoft so I would'nt be suprised.
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I wouldn't blame coders for the all the faults.

1. In the PC/MS world there are countless hardware solutions/combonations, trying to make everything work properly is quite the job. One reason why Apple has an edge, coders have proprietory hardware to work with so they can really optimize the OS/Applications.

2. Coders (atleast the ones I know) are at jobs where they are supposed to balance their specialty (Coding) with tech Support, endless meetings with different departments, and other interuptions. Let them constrait on making good code!

<rant>IT companys expect too much these days; Help Desk needs to know coding, Coders need to know help desk, etc, etc...its hilarious. And its the major reason I'm trying to leave the IT field :roll: :!: </rant>
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