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I think I have broken my printer for good so any help befor I go buy another appreciated. Purchased 4/03 and working fine until a week ago. I am printing lots of photos for albums and just switched to Xprint compatible inks because of cost savings. Quality of print with the compatible ink was fine. After repalcing theyellow routinely the prints started being too green ie a brown ceiling around a stained glass window was green vs the brown it really was. Tinkering with adjustments , cleaning the printheads then deep cleaning print heads only made matters worse.
On the print head alignment test the yellow was now not printing at all so I suspected a clogged nozzle perhaps from my compatible inks. Hoping that my efforts to cut costs had not irreparibly damaged the print heads I continued to tinker.
I even tried the print head alignment adjustments the exact opposite of what I had been setting them at. (I hate theCanon instructions for the alignment saying 'select the one with the most even or the least irregular pattern') I was never sure if they meant the smoothest with no lines showing or the sharpest most clearly defined lines.
Any way I had always chosen the smoothest or less visibly seen white lines which were in the 0 or 1 range. So this time I chose the most clearly defined lines which were all 5 or 7. Needless to say that only made things much worse.
Ooops! Now my reds were greenish chartreuse and every thing was generally a mess. I think I deep cleaned about six times. SOOOOOOO I went to switch back alignment to what it had been before and I must or may have inadvertently started another process while it was still deep cleaning and now all I get is the green light flashing followed by 12 orange flashes then repeat. :evil:
I have removed all ink tanks and even the print head finally and when the print head is out the flashing stops. I tried cleaning the print head using one of the methods posted else where and still nada, the thing wont budge. I can not even print text now.

So I think I have either filled the ink resevoir to the brim with my deep cleans or blown the entire print head. I have priced replacement print heads and at $100 to $149 cost I will just buy another printer.

Been reading the posts here and am trying to decide between an HP 8450 and a Canon Pixma 5000 or 8500. Just to add more confusion I am wondering if Ishould just go with an all in one though right now i am not having a problem with my HP scan jet 5370C but the way my luck is running, I will have in the future. Does any one know how the all in ones compare photo print quality wise?

As always these posts and Steve's reviews have been most helpful as I chose my Canon A90 camera and this printer after reading here for weeks. This is my first post and I am hoping some friendly smarter than I (ha thats easy I'm a real novice) person can pull my chestnuts out of the fire that I put them in.

So do you all think its time to rebuy or can my Canon Printer be saved? Thanks

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It may well be the ink waste pad is full and that the heads are damaged, don't take this as an absolute certainty.

Continuous cleaning of the print head could cause damage, a better bet would be do a couple of cleans then wait a minute or two before the next one, if the heads are not cleared in two or three cleans then the nozzles are well and truely blocked or the heads have failed.

Rather than continuous cleaning it would be better try a cleaning cartridge, these are inserted as though they were ink tanks and then do a nozzle clean, saves a lot of ink.

I had 2 Epsons go under warrenty and now have a Canon ip5000, a super printer, very quiet and economical, if this printer packed up and could'nt be repaired I would have no hesitation in buying another.

I use mine for graphics, photos and text, the text is very good, after my laser warmed up the Canon is just as fast, no feathering and no ink bleeding, the effect you get on blotting paper and the print being just as good.

The print heads in the Canon are user replaceable.

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Thanks Davy for the reply. You just confirmed for me what I think is the problem . . . full ink pads from my cleaning. Should I have a similar situation in the future I will be sure to follow your suggestions re the cleaning tank

I have been making picture albulms for our sons and done hundreds of copies so may also just have worn out the print head. After checking replacement costs I will replace printer before printhead.

I have reviewed both HP (which I had three years ago) and Canon and keep coming back to the Canon. I do like the seperate ink tanks. I have read super things about the ip5000 and am debating between that and the pricey ip 8500 just becasue of the albulms I am making and the added red and green as well as the other colors. I am strictly an amature but lurk on themessage boards to learn form others.

Have you had any experience with comaptible and cheaper ink tanks? I have been using the Xprint compatibles and was satisfied with the color but had not thought about the longevity factor for the prints nor the possible clogging factor. I have been warned away from refillables. I order the Xprint from Click INks in Florida and delivery is speedy and free. Cost is over 50% less that Canon and I am using lots of cartridges.

I think I have just learned that I have been changing them too soon also as I change when the alert says tank is empty but there is still ink in the sponge side. I just read on the board that there is still plenty of ink for printing even pics when that warniing is sent. If true I have probably discarded over 100 tanks half full still.

Again thanks for the help Much appreceiated


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