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iSAPS Guy wrote:
Sorry guys, I cannot comment on WHY I'm going to tell you all this, but there is no such thing as DUAL being a different model. THe NEW canon PIXMA printers are HERE, just released a few weeks ago, PIXMA2, starting with the IP1600, but more seriously, the IP4200, all featuring the new ink formula, ChromaLife100, up to 100 years archival quality with higher color gamut (optical density), rating, especially on the CLI-8 black and same ink quantity in each seperate cartridge. I just printed on the iP4200 and I'm very impressed with the skin tones. I printed a sample image from the new A620 digital camera. The new seperate cartridge printers use a smart LED light on the cartridge system and tell you the cartridge is seated properly and will start to blink as the ink runs low and blink faster as it's almost gone. This is good for when doing a lot of direct printing from any digital camera now having to pull the inks out to check ink levels; rather just flip the lip and check the lights. Also, the dual paper tray is more sturdy and there is an additional paper guide on the top tray. MORE nozzles more speed and higher resolution! Everyone at the store marlved over the ip4200, with 9600x2400 DPI and ONE, count it ONE picolitre droplet. WOW! this is really true. ALL of the NEW higher end Canon's starting at the ip4200 have one picolitre droplet and 9600x2400 dpi, EVEN the new Multifunction that scans slides and negatives has 3072 print nozzles and does a bordeless print in about 36 seconds (4"x6")! We even did the SAME Canon print sample from the A620 camera on the Epson R2400 with their pigment inks. Let me just say this, EVEN though the Epson may put 200 year archival quality on the prints, the color looks 100 times better on the Canon 4 color!!!!! THe upgrade to the i9900 will be COMING SOON FOLKS!
So basicly the ip4200 is the ip5000, with the exception of a wider color gambit.

The 100 year claim is 100 year in an album, IIRC it's 30 years under glass using Photo Paper Plus. This is a 5 year improvement over the old ink. I believe it's possible it's more resistant to ozone or oxidation but all and all according to the numbers it's minor. You should be more clear on this subject as some of inks for the "other guys" are rated in terms of decades on things other than one varity of paper.

EDIT: Would you believe 10 years exposed to air on pr-101? Not sure who conducted this test.

MORE nozzles more speed and higher resolution!
You should be more clear on this issue. The ip4200 and ip4000 have1,856 nozzles... unless the canon website is sadly mistaken. You can say the ip5200 has more nozzles but not the ip4200... but the ip4200 nozzle count has remained the same unless someone make a mistake and punched in the wrong numbers.

EVEN the new Multifunction that scans slides and negatives has 3072 print nozzles
While it's true the mp800 has more than the old ip4000 or the mp780... the actual number is 3,584.... the number of nozzles has not changed between the ip4000 and ip4200. In fact the MP500 has the same number of nozzles as the ip4000 and ip4200. So "A" new multifuction increased the number of nozzles. There is more than one. I count 4.

Basicly in the old AIO line, you had three inkjets pretty much based on the ip4000, where the current line has one modeled after the ip4200 and the ip5200.

I'm too lazy to count the nozzles on their other two multifucionals, which I wouldn't look at as they charge more for less volume of ink. It was bad enough when they charged $8 to $10 for 9.5ml but now it costs $5 more for less ink.

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