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hello I am a newbe
but I got some question about printing
I bought a photosmart 1000 4 years ago.. i think and was not happy with the
picture quality it printed
then I bought a photosmart 7960.. but still not happy with the result..
then two days ago.. I bought a R200 by epson.. and STILL NOT HAPPY with the
result... I am thinking am I doing anything wrong?
all the picture I printed got the same problem
that I can see many many dots...
I am thinking if it is possible my camera
I am using the nikon D70s...
and thinking to start using RAW to print it..
I am not sure if I sound stupid right now
cause I am a NEWBE!:?
please refresh my memory

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I have a few questions that might help you and us determine the problems that you are having printing.

1) For the printers, what setting do you have them on? (Quality mode,any enhancements toggled)

2) What type of paper are you using?

3) What size is the file that you are trying to print?

4) What are you printing from?

5) Is there noise in your image that the printer might be seeing? (ISO speed, slow shutter speeds)

6) Did you do all the printhead alignments, nozzle checks

7) How are the printers connected, cables in good shape, inserted all the way

Printing from RAW won't help unless you had done some editing to the images first.

Hope some of this helps and let us know how we can help you.

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ok the answer for those question are
1) the Highest photo quality
2) I am using the hp prem matt <-- could that make a HUGE difference?
3) the file is 2.5 mb
4) printing from jpeg file using the program epson gives me
5)there is no noise I think... what is noise?:O
6)I did all the check
7) it is connected.. it is brand new cable

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For printing images, I like to print at the highest quality possible.

Now for paper, I would set my standard with the manufactures paper. For the Epson, I would start with the Epson papers. There can be a difference between HP, Canon, Epson, Kodak, and Red River, just to name a few. Also make sure that you have the driver set for the paper type, matte, gloss, semi gloss. In the past, I have had vast results with the different types of papers on different machines. You might need to find what your printer likes. It is best to start with the manufactures papers, then try others and compare. Try the Epson Enhanced Matte if you like a matte finish paper, I just love the output in my old Canon and my new Epson photo printers.

JPEG and that size from the Epson program should be ok. A new cable and all the checks sound good.

Possibly some noise in the image. When you blow up the image in your photo editor, you see some pixalization. Noise is also called grainy. The image is not smooth. This can happen from shooting a high ISO, slow shutter speeds, editing. You also might have some JPEG artifacts in the image.

Hope some of this helps you out.

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