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It would work as thats what printers used to do before chiped carts came along.
You see printers used to count the headshots to estimate the ink useage way before chiped carts were around.
The chipped carts are just there to stop users from either resetting the counter by pretending to change carts or refilling the carts or finally to make it harder to make compatible carts.

The electronics on carts is simply some sort of EEPROM that stores the head shots from that cart.

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The main reason for the chipped tanks with Epson printers was to prevent the tank from running dry, if by any chance the head chamber was to become empty and you refitted a new cartridge then you would have a big problem, the heads would be damaged.

When you fit a new cartridge you would have air in the head chambers and a volume of ink sitting on top, this is an 'airlock' because of the nature of Peizo heads can not be shifted, if you tried to force the air through the nozzles would be damaged, either way a new head would have to be fitted - I do believe that this is correct and is my belief

The chip is a programmable and works as you say by counting the number of shots fired, when that number is reached it 'flags' the printers CPU to tell it to stop printing.

It 'seems' the latest Epson printer's has gone one step further in telling the CPU to stop or reset the remaining ink levels to zero if a non OEM cartridge is used from discussion in another forum.

There is no direct connection between the ink level and the chip, the ink levels are only estimated and the chip to cut the printing off before the cartridge empties.

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