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Default Canon S9000 ink level indicator

I replaced 2 ink cartridges on my Canon S9000 today.

After replacing them, the on screen ink level indicator
never rest itself.

It shows these 2 brand new cartridges as being about 1/4 full.

I was having problems with the two cartridges that I replaced and they were
not completely empty when I replaced them.

Could this have caused the problem?

Is there any way to reset this.

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The ink level in the tanks is sensed with a light beam so if the driver warns of low ink before the tank is just about empty it is some kind of malfunction. I've changed lots of ink tanks on my S9000 and they had very little ink left in them when the driver told me they needed replacing. And the ink levels showed full after putting the new tanks in.

You can change ink tanks at any time desired without a problem.

One thing you might want to try first is to remove the entire printhead assembly and check the electrical contacts and then put it back in again and see if it works right.

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Thanks for the info Steve.

I will try removing the printhead to see if if the contacts
need cleaning.

In your review on the S9000 you mention about a light beam
shining through a prism on each cartridge.

I can see the prism on the bottom of the ink cartridges,
but I see nothing that resmembles a light beam
at the bottom of the printhead. All I see is a square opening
in line with the prism.

Am I correct in assuming that this is done when the printhead is
in the parked position?

Thanks again for your help.
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