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With all due respect to Stema and isaps guy,

The issue is not that new Canon lineup of printers with the news chips are still
more economical than the competion.

The issue is and remains are these new chips anything but consumer rip off devices.
Gee it only costs you $2.25 more per cartridge to get the chip that prevents you from refilling or using third party cartridges. And are these chips anything but a step backward in inkjet technological progress?

Sorry, I do believe the free enterprise system is supposed to provide the consumer with better alternatives as technology improves. Instead we consumers have allowed an entire industry to restrain progress by allowing the industry to define what is offered to the consumer. Is that the fault of the consumer ignorance in not demanding better or an entire industry engaged in unfair restrain in trade?

This excuse of gee, we are still better than this other company does not drive progress.

For one mad moment in time, Canon has shown us how economical an inkjet printer can be in the hands of an informed consumer, corrective action has been taken, and the balance restored. And throngs of eager consumers are cheering demanding ever smaller OEM cartridiges, higher per page costs, and less competition.

And lexmark shall lead us to the promised land.
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Old Nov 1, 2005, 1:13 PM   #12
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I'm too not happy with this decision, but aftermarket cartridges will come quick, since all canons will use them, and canons are too common to leave them without aftermarket stuff. I just hope it won't cost more than 1.5x of the bci-6 series price.
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Old Nov 1, 2005, 1:13 PM   #13
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(this was a duplicate post, sry)
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Old Nov 1, 2005, 8:59 PM   #14
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Bulk ink is already available but the when you refill it turns off the measuring which is really annoying. We need some method of reseting the count after refill.
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iSAPS Guy wrote:
..... NOW I see the whole idea if you were a former HP or Epson customer or HEVEN forbid, LEXMARK - they DO RIP YOU OFF, with those TRI-COLOR cartrigedes!......
You can also include Canon. The new Canon iP6210D and iP6220D printers

uses tri-color cartridges.
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Old Nov 5, 2005, 1:34 AM   #16
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I have been in contact with my suppliers in Taiwanofcompatible cartridgesfor the ip4200 and iP5200 and the other new models that use the chipped cartridges. There is no indication when compatible cartridges with chipwill become available, apparently the chip is the stumbling block. Even if the chip is disabled on the original Canon cartridges to allow refilling, it is still recognized by the printer and if it removed or covered up, the printer will indicate that no cartridge is installed and will not print. It appears to me that the chip is there simply to deter refilling or use of 3rd party cartridges. The cartridges, same as BCI-3e/BCI-6,still use the light prism on the bottom of the cartridge to indicate low ink, but this is linked to the chip, once the chip is disabled, the light prism is also disabled and no ink level or low ink indicators are active, the only way the ink levels can be determined is by removing the cartridge from the printer. Disabling the chip is recorded in the printers memory and Canon will know this if there is a warranty claim on the printer, that seems to be the main function of the chip.
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Old Nov 6, 2005, 5:11 AM   #17
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If the problem for the compatible manufactur is that the abscence of the correct chip will invalidate the warrantry then i say give it a go. The saving made on using compatibles should allow you to throw the thing away if it fails!
I would be interested on how people are enjoying or otherwise using the ip4200:lol:
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