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Default good "ol 8200 + a good story

I recently had the itch for a new printer because of the news of the i950. I called best buy up and was told thay should have them on sat...great, can I bring my card reader and have you hook it to a winxp machine for me to do a couple test prints......it will have to very early but yes we can.
I printed 2 8x10's on my 8200 directly from cam to winxp built in photo print to make things even. the verdict....from 6 inches away { as close as my eyes can focus } there is VERY little difference if any. Skin tones were identicle and dynamic range as well. Out comes the magnifying glass and then I could see the new model was a bit better at hiding dots in shaded areas...but not by much...keeping the 8200 for a bit longer i quess. One thing to point out..my 8200 takes about 4 minutes for an 8x10.
Here comes the best part! A rep from hp was in the store and closely watching the results. as I was saying my thank you's he approched and asked if I would give him a chance to show my the new 7550. I reluctantly said OK and he inserted the card into the printer.. while it was reading the card, he dug out some "sample"
prints. I explained politely that those meant nothing to me..he responded...these are not factory samples but are pictures that I have taken myself with my HP 850 and printed on this printer....Now it REALLY gets good!!...75% of the samples he showed me were from Steves test shots from who knows what cam test..I said boy those look real familiar..those are from a Photo Review site that I frequent...his draw droped as he was thinking of a good reply..."I Know Steve personally..and as a matter of fact I designed most of his web site". { still hasn't printed an image yet }.
So anyway Steve...A HP rep is going around with your shots in his briefcase claming their his...Portsmouth NH area
The prints from the 7550 took about 12 minutes each and were not as good as the canon...
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Used Car errr,I mean a printer saleman with a PT Barnum attitude could make more money selling higher ticket items. :lol: A lot less sheep to shear.Thanks!That made my day.


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