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What is the difference?All I can tell is that the 340 costs more $179-$199 while you can get the R320 st staples for $129.The specs appear to be the same and I believe they both use the same ink.They both offer PC free printing and a preview screen.They both also offer DVD printing.

The looks are the only difference I see so far.

Is this just Epson's clever ploy to get people to pay more and go out and buy the next new model????

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The R340 replaces the R320.

The only feature differences are the 2.4 (vs 1.8) LCD monitor and the relocation of the panel controls to the front (vs right side).

I believe the price difference is due to stores cleaning up their old inventory.

Note that Epson has a $50 rebate also. It's interesting that the printer cost is now $129.99 - $50.00 rebate = $79.99 and the cost of a full set of ink for the Epson R-series (R200, R220, R300, R320, R340, RX500, RX600 and RX620) printers is about $83.00. Therefore you can save $3.00 + get a full set of ink + get a new printer.
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From the wording on Epson's website it looks as though the once optional (extra cost) colour LCD screen is now built in, + they claim it prints some items quicker.

Since it's in a different case, they may also have made it harder to modify and also there'll be new firmware.

It's numbered as the R350 here in OZ.
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In Australia the Epson R330/R230 has replaced the R310/R210, so in other areas it is the R340 replacing the R320. The only change I can detect is in the use of continuous flow systems using the Continuous Full Chips (CFC). Although the printers use the same cartridges and obviously the same chips, the R330 will recognize the CFC chip, butthe chipwill not reset properly and gives innacurate ink levels. In Taiwan, the Epson R330 will not even recognize the CFC chips at all. So it looks like Epson has made some changes to the firmware to reject the CFC chips. However, new CFC chips to overcome this problem are being released now:-) Same for C67 which has just replaced C65, same cartridges but different chip and new cartridge numbers, the CFC chip for this printer is also being released now for those who like to refill their cartridges without any hassles
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