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Hi, after performing the ''waste pipe out the trap door,and resteing the counter'', i was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on how much waste ink is normally produced after performing this procedure..compared to normal without the modification....done it about a 10 days ago..printed roughly 60 A4 pages (colour..not photo prints,just normal plain paper),and have already needed to replace my black cartridge, i regulary print this amount as part of my job,but prior to resetting etc,i would normally get a hell of a lot more printouts,the other colours are all half to three quarters full still..i installed a new set of inks prior to performing the mod..my waste tank i fitted is slightly bigger than the one fitted to ''idles'' solution in his post..75mm w x 50mm h..at present there is about 5mm of waste ink in the bottom..ive been using the same compatible inks since i bought the printer and had no probs with the amount of prints i got..just only after performing the mod....any help appreciated

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Running the waste ink to an outside container instead of into the pads won't (can't) in any way affect the amount used or the number of head cleans run -- in both cases the tube goes to open air.

You may get quite a shock at the amount pumped to waste, though!

I do mostly colour printing (have a laser for large text jobs) and find I use more yellow than anything else.

Black and the other 4 colours seem to run pretty evenly, but the yellow bottle goes down much faster.

These printers seem to do far more head cleans than are really necessary -- hence all the reports of the 'service required' message coming up even before the warranty expires.

I've had a number of earlier Epson models -- none have gone through ink like these models do, and the greater part of it seems to wind up as waste.

'Resetting the counter' would tell the printer it's been disassembled and needs to do a priming cycle, so probably you'd get the life of the original OEM cartridge set, which is less than that of later replacements (check the Epson manual.)

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