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Ok, I ordered some printforless refillable carts a couple of months ago, however I just got around to installing them tonight, as the OEM carts lasted me this long.

Seems like a pretty simple process, I followed the directions, but now I cant get the printer to do ANYTHING.

The INK button, stays lit up red solidly, when I cross referenced that with the manual, it says that means a cartridge is empty or not installed.

when I press that button, the print head moves to the left as its supposed to, and it stops on the Black, Cyan, PhotoCyan, and PhotoMag carts. It doesnt stop on Mag, or Yellow.

I have lifted the carts out, two or three times, and reinstalled firmly. Does this indicate that I maybe have bad auto-reset chips.

The printer will not respond at all like this, when I look at the monitor to see ink levels, all 6 bars are greyed out, and it says searching.

What do I do??
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First off, contact Print-For-Less -- it's not an unheard-of problem.

If you do no good there, get the free SSC service utility from (http://www.ssclg.com/epsone.shtml), read the instructions carefully and try the options it gives you (I think there's one that might help.)

I had to replace the chips in my current CIS system before the printer would recognise the carts -- fortunately I had a spare set.

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One other thing to try...

Turn the printer off using the printers own power button (not by disconnecting it from the power lead while on).. wait 10 or so seconds, and then turn press the power button on again.

Many chips require this to reset them...

There's a possibility you have been given the wrong sort of chips or assume you have auto-reset chips as well.. I'm guessing wildly but are you sure you don't have chips that require a resetter?
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Thanks for your help guys, but I solved the problem.

Im an electrical engineer, and I was looking at the chips, thinking to myself how could these go bad, there isnt anything on them sensitive to ESD, I could see possible one or two being bad from manufacturing process, but not 4 out of 6.

While examing them closely, I discovered that whomever attached the chips to the carts, used a glue to help adhere it, some glue had actually seeped over the side, and residue was covering one of the electronic contact pins, one those 4 chips. I actually found some on a 5th chip as well.

I scraped the glue off with my thumb fingernail, and all works perfectly now.

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