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Hi have a r300 which came up with the return to service error message yesterday. After doing some web searching found out how to remove the pads, cleaned them and put back in and reset printer - no problem.
The cyan cartridge however was not printing well so ran a nozzle check and found that is was hardly printing. Ran a few cleaning cycles and it didnt improve so I changed to a new cartridge (as the ink was low in that one). Since changing the cyan cartridge nothing appears now on the nozzle check for cyan. Again ran some cleaning cycles and it hasn't changed. What is stopping the ink from flowing and how do I fix it???? Suggestions gladly accepted!
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Try back flushing the the cyan nozzle on the input side....by this I mean with shringe half full of Epson compatiblecleaning solutionand a length of surgical tubing that fits the nozzle squirt a little down into it then pull the plunger upwards to drawany particals back out rather than force them through. When I was using carts in my CX5400 I had to do this a couple of times, don't know if the foam in the cart broke down or if somehow the ink was drying up at the input butafter many failed thruflush cleanings the backwash method did the trick.
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In most cases that should work -- your problem is very likely an air bubble in the head (this is why the OEM carts are organised to not run completely dry), once you have a solid column of fluid all should be fine again.

Be careful, though -- too much pressure can wreck the print head and a syringe can apply quite a lot.

When you cleaned the pads, did you clean them all or just the ones the heads park on?

The pads in question are arranged across the bottom of the case and quite a pain to get to -- hence the waste tank mod.
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