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I have a new Canon i5200 unit. Fast good looking printer with tack sharp prints .. but .. the colors do not match . I tried both supplied PR101 and also PP101 (Photo Plus). On cheaper Photo Plus, the dark areas has nasty greenish cast. Photo Paper Pro is better, but still there is a slight greenish cast.

If I print monochromatic in colors on Photo Plus, I get greenish-brown cast. If the "Monochromatic print" option is checked, the result is much better, but there is still slight green cast in dark areas and also very very slight magenta cast in the light parts.

I tried different ICM color profiles (why the HECK they are named so cryptically CNB79CA0, CNB79CC0, etc. ???). Looking into them by text editor I found that there are paper designations, but still I am not sure when to use SP2 or SP4? I also do not understand, why the driver does not switch the ICM automatically, based on paper I set in the driver setup page 2. I alsotried color management of PS CS2 (disabling ICM in driver), but the results were almost the same.

Does other-party prepared ICM profiles for Pixma i5200 exist (for free, preferably)?Are there some quick&cheap steps to calibrate or fine-tune the output so I am satisfied a bit more than now?

Many thanks for your ideas and tips!
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You unticked the ICM box and then did you try adjusteing the colour intensity slider to about +10?

Quite somewhile back in these pages there was problems with some ip4000/5000 series printing in the draft mode, the text came out greyish, until the ink tank was changed, I was wondering if your fault was related.

One way is to adjust the individual colour sliders that control the amount of ink from each tank, but you shouldn't really have to do this, I could understand if you was using 3rd party ink

I have the ip5000 and prints OK on all the papers I have tried to date, included un branded photo paper.

Once you got your settings you can give each one a profile by giving each setting a name.

Hope the comments help.

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