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HELP !!!!!!!!! Please :?

I have a problem that hopefully is something very simple that I have overlooked. Maybe I have a setting that should be selected and is not.

My vacation images, when printed, for lack of a better term, have no "POP"!!! they are flat. They are beautifull on my LCD monitor but my prints are very disapointing. They should be brighter. I use a Canon 10D and shot all images in RAW. I use Adobe Photoshop CS. My color space is Adobe RGB 1998. After processing an image for color casts(if any), curves, brightness, contrast etc. I flattened the image and save the images as TIFF, JPEG and PSD files. I have tried printing the same image from all three file types with similar results.

Any thoughts, tips or settings that I should check would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Is this a recent problem? If this is a new printer and you were getting good results from the old one, you probably just have to play with the printer settings to get that "snap" back.

You might want to check your monitor calibration, also. Now, the monitor settings per se don't influence the way a printed photo will look, but if your monitor settings are way off, you tend to over/under adjust an image in post processing, and that will affect the printed result.

Try a web search on monitor calibration. There are various sites that provide brightness/contrast/color temperature calibration targets. This isn't as good as having real calibration software/hardware but it's better than just guessing.

When I did this, I found that the adjustment range available on my monitor was not enough, so I had to jack up the brightness through the adjust monitor properties feature of my operating system.

If you already have your monitor and printer calibrated through an actual calibration system, then maybe the printer profile you have isn't as accurate as it should be.

Oh, almost forgot to mention paper! If this is a new printer, it may not print as well on the paper you were using on the old printer as the old printer did. You may need to try different photo papers or get a new paper profile for using the old paper with this printer if you have a calbrated system.

Just some thoughts...

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It could be a number of things.

Here's a few to try:

- Use premium paper. Low grade paper will really take the edge off your photos.

- Use the printing software that came with your printer. The printer software should have the best ability to optimize your print for your printer.

- Buy a new printer. If you're printer is way old, the new inkjets are AWESOME. I have the canon IP5800R (wireless) and I get better prints than using an online photo service.

-- Terry

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You might try using Adobe sRGB instead -- it's been reported as better (less flat) than Adobe RGB 1998 for some Canon printers in that range (specifically, the i965.)
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Thanks to all who responded.

I 'll try some of the suggestions.

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