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Default Just bought Canon S820 but need to move to a color copier

After reading everything I could absorb and then more from this site and this forum, I purchased an S820 earlier this week. I am very impressed with the output of it. My problem now is that my boss tells me we need a color copier too, mostly for making copies of photos. Luckily I bought the S820 at a store which will allow me to return it. I plan to do so and get a device that will make color copies as well.

I have looked at Epson and Canon and it seems neither of them offer a color copier/printer device with 6 inks, only 4. I assume I am not going to quite get the quality of prints as I saw with the 6 ink S820.

Can any of you share your knowledge of what printheads are common/shared between the color copier/printers and the normal color inkjet printers offered by each company?

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Well from the few copies I got out of the cannon f60 it seemed pretty good. But if you want the best over all quality I think I would choose an HP copier since they do use the 6 color ink systems. Something along the lines of a 2110. IF you choose the epson cx5200 its great on plain paper but copying onto photo paper is probably its weak point.
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I never really have been impressed with HP inkjet printer output. At least not as much as I have been with Canon and Epson. Am I wrong? Does their copier do a better job than just their printers?

Thanks for the reply.
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Default HP Printers

The latest HP range of six colour photo printers, 5550/7x50, produce photo prints of a quality that is on a par with the six colour Epson and Canon printers.

HP have now put the same six colour technology into some of their multifunction devices, including the 2110, 2210 and 6100.

With some of these printers (the 5550 and all of the multifunction) the additional photo ink cartridge to turn them from a four colour printer into a six colour printer is an optional extra.

The differences in photo print quality from all of the available six colour printers (except Lexmark) are now pretty small. There are still significant differences in features, ink costs, speed, print longevity, choice of paper, etc.

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Default other option

have you thought about purchase of a scanner :?: you could keep the S820 and use the scanner to create copies if anything you needed
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I'd go with the scanner option as well, since you can get an excellent scanner in the 1200x2400 dpi range these days for under $100...
I own the S820 as well and I could not bear to part with it!
Blessings, Johnny... :lol:
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