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First let me say, your site has been so helpful to me!

I had to replace my HD and my printer was sitting idly for quite awhile and my printer is not printing at all.

At first I thought I needed to reinstall the printer, which I did. Thought possible it was the driver, it's not. I replaced the ink even though it wasn't completely empty.

I did the cleaning and deep cleaning 3x as you suggested and followed instructions to reset or empty the ink thing.

I read suggestions about cleaning the print head.

Here's is my extremely dumb question-

Where exactly is the print head? I'm visual I guess and can't seem to understand unless I see a picture.

Is the print head the container that all the ink cartridges fit in? I read suggestions about soaking it in warm water. Would I soak the whole thing in warm water?

I also read about the compressed air. Where exactly would I shoot the compressed air? (computer moron here.)

Thanks so much for any help you can give me.


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hi Carol,

You are correct, the printhead is also the carrier for the cartridges.
remove all cartridges--release the printhead locking lever--pull slightly toward
you and the printhead should easily remove upward.--just don't force anything.
Remember to place a cap or piece of tape over the cartridge outlet hole to prevent your cartridges from drying out

But for detailed cleaning instruction I recommend you go to the "nifty stuff forums"
Just google the name without the quotes. I am not familar with yout exact model printer but it sounds like you might have a printhead clog--there are a variety of processes depending on how clogged your printhead is--and most will recommend the milder method be tried first.----but keep your hands high on the printhead--you don't want to damage any electrical contacts which tend to be located on the rear underneath side.

Good luck-----usually a little time and a little windex works wonders.-----and lots of experienced people can help you at nifty stuff forums.--------just costs a little time and tlc.
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Thank you so much!

I don't want to speak too soon, but I think it's working!
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