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Hello -

I have a Canon IP5000 (which I'm running under Mac OSX), and I'm confused about the effect which the various 'Quality and Media' settings have on the printing process.

1. There are three 'print mode' options: 'Printing a top-quality photo,' 'Printing tables and charts,' and 'Printing a composite document'. Does changing between these settings merely increase/decrease the speed and (inversely) the resolution of the resulting print? In other words, is changing between these options the same thing as using the 'Detailed' option and moving the slider to the right (higher resolution) or to the left (higher speed)? Or do these option involve qualities in addition to resolution, such as color rendition?

Am I also correct that choosing 'Printing a composite document' is essentially the text setting and causes the printer to use the Pigment black ink, while the 'top quality photo' and 'tables and charts' settings use the dye black ink? And if this is the case, which ink (pigment black or dye black) is used if I use the 'Detailed' (manual slider) setting?

2. What actually changes when selecting different papers under 'Media Type'? I know that selecting 'Photo Paper Pro' ennables 1 picoliter printing, but aside from this what types of changes are involved -- color rendition? The amount of ink actually deposited on the paper? resolution?

Thanks for any information!

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I have a ip5000.

Composite setting prints both in colour and text black (3E ink) say a photo with text as in a magazine, so you are correct on this one.

If you see Photo-i review he recomends setting ticking the ICM box and setting the intensity to +10 (click colour adjustment and then click set where a window will open) but it really does depend on the photo content.

One point, you will only print at 1pL resolution when Photo paper pro is selected, if Photo paper pro is'nt selected you will find that it is blanked out.

I would imagine the amount of ink deposited and the speed at which its done.

For text and pictures combined I usually set to composite and for text usually use fast print and the settings for photos depends on what the quality, otherwise all is kept 'standard print quility'.

The text is as good as the mono laser I have.


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I just spoke with a helpful person at Canon Tech Support, and learned the following:

Changing between 'Printing a top-quality photo,' 'Printing tables and charts,' and 'Printing a composite document' is substantially the same thing as choosing the 'Detailed' setting and moving the slider progressively further to the right -- ie, the the different settings just increase resolution. Incidentally, these print-mode settings (under OSX) are identical to the settings labeled (not sure of the exact wording) text quality, high quality, and highest quality under Windows systems.

The use of the pigment black cartridge (as opposed to the dye black cartridge) is not determined by choice of print-mode settings. Rather, the printer has some of way of recognizing that it is printing text, and when it recognizes text it then prints with the pigment cartridge. However, this is dependent upon the paper selection -- the pigment ink will not adhere to photo paper or high resolution paper (and I think also matte photo paper, though I don't remember), so the pigment dye cartridge is only used when text is detected and 'Plain Paper' is selected.

Lastly, choosing the various paper settings actually activates the different color profiles for each different kind of paper, including profiles for meida such as Canon's High Resolution Paper and transparencies that are not available from Canon as stand-alone files.

Hope this is helpful,

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