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My Canon i950 just died on me. I was very satisfied with the results from this printer. I'm now looking for a replacement.

I don't need all the bells and whistles (LCD, card reader) just top-quality 4x6", 5x7" and 8x10" colour prints from my Nikon D50 / PC (Photoshop CS2).

What would you recommend?

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To agiaccio,

Technology has moved on some since the days of the i950 although some still
swear the i965 is the best photoprinter ever.

You had a six color photoprinter---and because it lacked the large BCI-3eblk text cartidge it was designed as a specialised photoprinter. Now some photoprinters
even use 8-10 colors but lots of debate on if that is overkill. Another pricey option or wide carriage larger than a4 printers might be something to explore, given your options are wide open. Now some photoprinters go down to 1 pico liter drops but questionable if you get better results. But its my opinion your best options are still with Canons. Although the HP8250 might be worth looking at.

What you may not know is that 2005 has been the year of new chipped cartridges
that bring certain small benefits but larger curses. So question one is do you use Canon OEM cartridges?----- or do you refill your own cartridges or use readily available third party prefilled cartridges? How you answer these questions somewhat implies your new Canon options---if you go OEM cartridges only---get one of the new but similar current model chipped Canons---but if and until a chip resetter comes on the market a chipped Canon will not accept third party cartridges and refilling is made slightly more complicated---you lose ink monitoring and have to go through some nag screens. So in the event you refill or use third party prefilled cartridges then you may be better off getting last years models----and look on ebay---look at refurbished---and other options.

Another forum to explore is the nifty stuff forums.
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If it is to be your only printer you might read Steve's review of the Canon iP5200. Steve thought the output challenged his 9900 for photo quality. And the large pigmented black cartridge gives better and much more economical test.

If you already have a printer for text and intend hooking up a second printer just for photos it is getting hard to find one without all the useless junk. My preference for a narrow format printer would be the Epson R800. Pigmented ink will last longer on your wall than dye based ink and Epson has almost caught up in the speed department. You can also print CDs and do a panorama wider than 24 inches with roll paper if the mood ever strikes you.

My next photo printer is likely to be the R1800 or its replacement. The last thing binding me to Canon has been removed, which is the chipless cartridges and direct ink measurement. I've been holding on to my old S9000 because you can dual boot to Win 98 and jerry rig it to print panoramas at photo quality. 24 inches is probably enough for narrow format but not for wide format printers.

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