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Hi guys, I have been looking at buying a printer to print on DVDs and after a lot of searching I gather that the Canon Pixma printers use less ink and are faster than the Epson R220 printers that are selling cheap in the UK.

I am still finding it hard to get a comparison between the cost of printing per DVD for Canon and Epson, and also how much can be saved by using the Continuous Ink System on the Epson, but I am starting to think I will never get that info. Anyway I was searching on a lot on DVDRhelp forums and couldn't find that info,

Now my main problem is Canon in the UK are no longer selling the printers that are compatible with third party cartiridges you can buy on ebay. (I am talking about the printers for 60 or 70 pounds sterling). They have now brought out the Canon Pixma iP4200. Unfortunately with this printer you have to buy original cartridges.

Can anyone from the UK tell me if there is any store, on the net or otherwise, selling cheapish Canon printers which print DVDs and which you can buy the third party cartridges for??
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Whilst you're right about the iP4200, etc.. being brought out you can still get iP4000 printers from a few sources like eBay where, if you want to be a bit more sure it'll work properly, the Canon refurbished units can be found on sale from the official distributor.

You're looking at a cost of around £80 inc postage but in the long run it's a lot cheaper than facing the cartridge costs on the iP4200 which is just taking the p*ss (around £50 for a full replacement set!).

Failing that the R220 is still available and you can get CIS kits for it but you need to be 100% that you're getting the correct auto-reset chips for it as there have been a number of very peeved people getting incompatible kits that are really R200 and not R220 compatible.

Hopefully that'll give you some ideas but I personally would go the iP4000 route if you can... just be sure to check that a printhead is included, cartridges are installed (even if they're empty) and that everything works as it should.. I wrote a guide on ebay re: purchasing used inkjets so that has a few tips that might help too..

Best of luck
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You might want to read this post on another forum http://www.digigreen.net/forum/index...pic,371.0.htmlalthough it doesn't specifically answer your question.

The information is from PC Pro magazine so you'd probably find that useful if you can find the right issue.

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I read that article :-)

Inthe real worldmy Canons produce 6 x 4s much cheaper than that, under 8p per copy, Epson Premium Glossy at 5p per sheet (Ebuyer sellthe 50 sheet packson BOGOF) and refilling using InkjetGoodies ink costs around 20p per cartridge.
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Thanks for the replies, guys. I'll check out ebay.

Websnail, it's interesting you mention the cartridges because I seen some in "Poundland" in the UK which were advertised as being for the R200 and R300/320 but didn't mention the R220.

So annoying, what should be easy actually becomes quite difficult because of these companies looking for money from cartridges.
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