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I am looking for a printer, what do you look for when purchasing one?

Do you look at how many ink cartridges it holds?

Or the DPI?

e.g. The canon 8500 holds 8 cartridges the dpi is 4800 X 2400

the IP6600d holds 6 cartridges and the dpi is 9600X2400
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To mandeep,

One flip answer is to say I look at the output and how much it costs me to get
that output.--with costs denominated in initial purchase price and in ink costs.
Not to mention the new varable of Canon chips

Another flip answer is to point out that that you said printer--but both of your cited models are definitely well into the speciality photoprinter class. Yes I am aware that nowdays all printers bill themselves as photoprinters, but the models you cite are the real deals----to the point that they start to lose the ability to be as good at text printing.

So you have to ask the question-----what do you want a printer to do?

You also have to realise that a certain point dpi gets over rated---even if the ink drop
gets perfectly aimed, it still diffuses out onto the paper. And you also have to ask how big that drop is.--and what kind of paper you are using.
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Look on Ebay for any 900 series (970 and above) HP PROFESSIONAL Series Deskjet printer.

You will be able to pick one up for a song and it will print for years and years tack sharp.

You should be able to pick one up for <$50 plus ship.

They retailed for $400.

Make sure they come with the duplexer.

Nice too if they have a USB cord.

No, they do not read media nor can you print directly to them w/o PC. No big deal, imho!
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If you plan to keep another printer hooked up for normal text and plan to add a printer just for photos, the more tanks the merrier. Read Steve's reviews and compare output. Some of the dedicated tanks are for B&W and some for smoother color transitions. Different brands put emphasis on certain capabilities.

If it is to be your only printer don't consider anything that doesn't have a large tank of pigmented black ink. These printers seldom have more than yellow, magenta, cyan and photo black in addition to the oversized pigmented black tank. Read Steve's review of the Canon iP5200. He rates the photo quality as excellent plus it is a good general purpose printer.

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