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Default Quesions on Photo Printers (Canon i950)

Hey all I have some questions on photo printer and im hoping you can help me out

First of all let me start by saying I have read the reviews but most of the info listed in them are greek to me.

I have been looking a 2 printers lately the canon s820 and the canon i950

Question 1. Can these printers print wallet size pictures I see they print 4x6 and 8.5x11 but do they print wallets? Can i just position a few wallets on a 8.5x11 page and print them out that way?

Question 2. What is the low down on resolution. when printing photos is 4800x1200 all that muchbetter thaan 2400x1200?

Question 3. What is the advantage of 6 ink printing as opposed to 4 ink printing?

Question 4. Ihave seen comments that the s820 is just as good as the i950 but just slower. How can that be if the resolution is doubled on the i950?

Question 5. I have a Canon G2 camera, So should I stick to a Canon Printer? Will I get better prints if I do?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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The included PhotoRecord software will allow you to set up a page to print 8 images on a page (2 across by 4 down) for 2.5x3.5-inch prints. PhotoRecord comes with both the s820 and i950.

The s820 is an s800 (that I currently use) that prints borderless 4x6 and 8.5x11 pages. The s820 printhead has 1536 nozzles, while the i950 is double that; more nozzels, more ink on the page each pass thus faster print speeds. Also, the ink droplet size of the i950 is half (2 picoliters) of the s820.

The advantage to 6 color inks (which both s820 and i950 use the same ink cartridges) opposed to 4 is the two lighter (or photo) inks allow for a broader color spectrum to get truer results. Though, from what I understand, the photo prints from the i850 with its 4 color inks are quite impressive themselves.

If you have not updated the firmware for your camera, I would recommend doing so from http://www.powershot.com/powershot2/.../firmware.html. This updates the camera to support Exif Print, which most all new printers support; I know the Epson 2200 does and I think HP but I know for certain Canon does. See http://www.usa.canon.com/html/conCpr...&section=10199. The Exif Print correction from and Exif Print supported printer reads information from the image such as shutter speed, aperature, image quality settings, if the flash ws fired, etc. to make the images look just like they did when reviewed in the camera. I run a Canon s800 and shoot a G3 and an Elph s230. I have had incredible prints come from this combination.
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Hi Don,
DCrawlwy did a great job of answering your questions, but I have a few things to add..... I have a 2.1 megapixel Olympus 2100uz, and up until last weekend was using a Canon S800 printer. My printer started making strange noises (probably as the result of a none too careful 8 year old daughter, who had been "abusing" the poor thing since Christmas 2001!) :lol:
I bought my S800 at CompUSA along with a two year warranty that allowed for carry-in exchange. Comp had few questions as to the troubles and allowed me to exchange my S800 for a new i950. I REALLY liked the S800, but can pretty confidently say that there IS a noticeable difference between it and the i950. I have made several 8.5 X 11 borderless prints on the i950 to compare to the same photos printed at 8 X 10 on the S800. Even being quite a bit larger at the 8.5 X 11 size, the i950 prints were noticeably sharper, while "smoother" in skin tones etc. at the same time. I have shown these prints to several friends very involved with photography and many family members, all of whom are astounded by the quality of the i950 prints. (all printed on Canon Photo Paper Pro) I am VERY happy with the i950 and am sure I will be doing more printing then previously. My 2.1 megapixel camera "resolution limitation" seems somehow to be less of an issue when using the i950, and the colors appear more "vibrant". One other "plus" is that the i950 "looks" very cool and is VERY quiet, so much so that I have had to check a few times to see if it was in fact printing! Can very heartily recommend this printer, and if purchased at CompUSA the warranty coverage, as it sure paid off for me.
The fact that you have a Canon camera has very little if anything to do with the outcome of your printed photographs, in terms of matching camera brand to printer brand.
One thing that I would greatly recommend is for you to investigate the very fine printing program "Qimage Pro". This program is worth its' weight in gold in terms of increased print quality and flexibility when printing multiple photo sizes and different photos on the same page. For $39 and free (frequent) upgrades, I think this is the best buy you will find in digital photography. Mike Chaney the developer and owner of Qimage is the "moderator" of one of the "software" forums here. A new printer and downloading Mike's Qimage, and you will be a "very happy camper"!!! Curt
Here is the link to the Qimage Pro website:
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