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Thanks for all your help, but the problem is not with my digital imaging software, since I produce flawless pics using my software with both the Canon S820 and the HP Photosmart printer. The problem is the Epson printer driver, which even Steve, the moderator, agrees, is much too difficult to hone. C'mon, 99% of us want the absolute best print we can get, unless it's a pic of our worst enemy. Do I worry about ink-consumption when printing out a pic of my 4 year old son relieving himself in the backyard? NO! Do I want to print out a so-so pic of my new baby girl? NO! Do I want to print out a less-than-average print of my ex-wife without makeup? BY ALL MEANS!
So, after several emptied Epson cartridges and no satisfactory results, I've come to this conclusion: You happy Epson printer owners are obviously deranged, drugged or have never tried any other brand. Or, as is the case with Gregerson Salvage, you are all Epson reps who wouldn't dare turn in the motherlode. Really, in the 50 plus years I've been alive, I've never had so many problems with any one piece of equipment as the Epson printer, 2 different models now! Yet I read about legions of Epson fans!
I know that there is a heaven and it doesn't involve Epson printer drivers, the Edsel,an IRS audit or living with your mother-in-law for 6 months!
Blessings, Johnny :roll:
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Nah you just bought the one really bad epson printer out there. Personally I would opt for the Photo 890 which has a continuous ink system availible for it which would allow me to print hundereds of 8x10 prints for as little as a dime a print in ink. personally Epson has not given me the info for getting the perfect print out of the 820. I suppose I should go back and look all over for it since it would be very beneficial to the board.
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