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Greetings all

Please have a look at the attached scan showing part of a photo printout - it's not a great scan, but it show pretty clearly what my problem is...

The image was modified in Photoshop CS2, saved as a flattened TIFF file and then sent to my Canon iP4200 (still in PS-CS2) and printed onto A4 sized HP semi-glossy paper.

What I'm trying to figure out is what is causing the dark shadow areas to print so badly? The top of the hood (above the VW badge) is sharp and clear, the dark areas to either side and below it are blotchy, for example.

I don't get the problem when printing the same file to my HP laser onto glossy laser paper, so I'm assuming it's a Canon printer setting somewhere that I need to sort out?

Any advice for a novice appreciated.

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What were your Canon printer settings?.....Paper type, Quality ,Color adjustment ?

Are you using genuine Canon ink or compatable?

I would try a different photo paper.,........not HP........this looks similar to what happens with Kodak paper on certain settings in Canon printers.

I can get Kodak glossy to work with the following settingsin the 4000.

Photo Paper Pro, Quality setting 1, Diffusion, (Color adjustment Manual) Intensity+11, Photo. Dark,

But I could be wrong.......
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Thanks for the reply Head...

The printer was set on the defaults for "Other Photo Paper" - in my naive mind that (I assumed) would take care of the Canon printer vs. HP paper issue. Clearly not!

The inks are still the original set, so genuine Canon, and I did all the head alignments, nozzle cleaning excercise, etc. as well to be certain it wasn't something like that.

You're probably right about the paper stock though - the more I've been reading about photo printer issues, the more I see the issue of "paper compatiablity" being raised.

None-the-less, I shall definitely give your recommeded settings a try on the morrow, and will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again for the response.

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