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Hello Im new here, and I need a few things cleared up.
Im interested in CD/DVD printing. I will be making lots of CDs for a presentation (including case covers), so my interest is economy and speed. I also don't want it to pack up after a few hundred uses.
I am stuck between the Epson r200, r220, and the Canon ip4000, ip4200.
I am leaning torwards the Canons because I heard Epsons waste a lot of ink. Is this true? On the other side I heard Epsons have better image quality.

I heard you can't really refill or use a CIS on the ip4200, so that puts me off.
Is there any reason why I should pick an Epson over the ip4000?

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To Derek,

Many of the questions you ask are still somewhat hotly debated. But when you mention CD?DVD
printing, I assume you mean being able to print directly onto that disk itself with a given make of printer.
But given that you are new here, I will try to cut through some myths so you better understand the issues.

The first question may sound wierd, but it does matter where you live in terms of CD/DVD printing. In general the Epson models you mention are factory enabled to print directly onto those disks. Those users that live in the USA and in some other parts of the world can't say that about their Canons. The jist of it is that Canon in some locations was too cheap to pay a royality to Phillips and opted to leave the their printers not factory enabled to print to CD/DVD disks. Most of the parts required are still there but some Canon users that lack that factory enabling have to complete the process as a do it yourself project---see numerous threads on this forum
on the subject. In other parts of the world--the UK for one--the Canons have the CD/DVD printing factory enabled.

In terms of printing Canon printers have a reputation of being trouble free, not prone to clogging, and very good consumer choices. Even if the printhead clogs, Canons have user removable printheads. Epsons do not have that stellar reputation. Especially if you are an intermittent printer. Some users do get by with no trouble--but that bad PR was enough to scare me away. --many users report frequent printhead clogging and poor printer life.

In terms of refilling a Canon, your own post is perfect to show the divide-----the Canon ip4000 is a non-chippd canon---and is equally adept at using OEM cartridges, dirt cheap third party prefilled cartridges readily available on the internet, and makes refilling a snap. The ip4200 is almost identical---but is chipped--which means it uses slightly more expensive OEM cartridges with no problems, it absolutely refuses to use any third party cartridges, and refilling--while still possible with equal economy---involves some extra hassles, limitations, and the loss of ink monitoring.

Hope that gets you up to speed on some of the general issues--for a newbie. But thats my take, I am trying not to impose my views on you, and by all means listen to other views. But if you are interested, I can go into more debth about chipped Canon refilling.
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derekblankmccoy wrote:
Is there any reason why I should pick an Epson over the ip4000?
The r200 you can get in it's referb state from the Epson store for $59 shipped if you are in the states, less than the cost of OEM ink.

While my preference is canon because my experence over the past year was much more pleasent than the Epson... $59 shipped is dirt for a printer which supports CD printing out of the box.
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derekblankmccoy wrote:
I heard you can't really refill or use a CIS on the ip4200, so that puts me off.
Is there any reason why I should pick an Epson over the ip4000?
I can't really comment on the use, quality, etc.. of the DVD/CD printing side of things so I'll let others discuss that but I can confirm that you can use a CIS with virtually any of the systems you've noted.

The only thing I would say though is that..

There's no pre-made CIS kits available for the iP4200 so you would need to build one of your own.. It's possible though and I have two of that model printing very successfully using OEM iP4200 carts, and parts from MIS associates.

If you do decide to build your own or use a commercial iP4000 kit you should get some silicon lubricant (ebay has some) to help stop the tubing catching when it passes through some of the very tight fits spaces between the printer top section and the print carriage.

If you want simplicity for CIS then the Epson models will do the job just fine.
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I have both and prefer the Canon (ip4000). The Epsons have a habit of the cd tray wearing and then refusing to function - this is from experience and first hand reports. (in Australia)
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Same problem with the R200s in the UK, very common fault. Epson have brought out a modified tray as a replacement.

Personally I use a Canon IP4000 for Cd/DVD printing, first class quality and refills at about 20p (35c) a cartridge using InkJetGoodies or HobbiColors inks
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