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This is a word of warning for anyone, who like me has or has had an Ink Republic kit installed in their printer for a while and is either taking it out for maintenance or just removing it completely.

As anyone who has used the kit will know you have to be very careful when you push the buffers down on to the ink receiver posts as they can break off if you bend them the wrong way.

Fair enough and I'm well aware of this, having had to install and remove the buffers a few times without incident.

Unfortunately this one time the printer has had the kit installed for over 6 months and never needed any maintenance to resolve any feed issues, etc.. So, imagine my surprise when I went to remove the buffers from a C86 printer and ended up breaking not just one or even two but THREE posts from within the print carriage unit.

This was not, before anyone asks, because I was being impatient, far from it.. I was taking my time, especially after the first let go, but a further two just broke off. I know a single post breaking off precludes the unit from ever working again anyway but this seems to indicate that the buffers rubber seal will develop a solid seal against the post that results in them being pretty much non-removable.

My advice to anyone else who has this kit and who is considering removing the buffers is to try and lubicate the post and seal a little with some ink or distilled water BEFORE attempting removal.. Lord knows how you manage this but be warned.. A refurb C86 is one thing but a R2400 is something else altogether.. :O
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Any update to this situation? I am considering a kit, but this post is several years old. Anything changed?
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I can confirm that my inkrepublic R1900 CISS has been working great from 2009. Almost 4 years from now. No problem. Save me a lot of $$$$$ :-)
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