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No, its not 2 flashing light saying that my wasted ink pad is full...

it's more complicated than that!

first some clarifications :

- it's 2 years old (no warranty left)
- i've only used Genuine Epson Ink (i print mostly on CDs, and some expert told me that compatible sometime dont work great on CDs)
- I am the one that made the big mistake here...

first, i had a problem... black problem! it was to clean, after 8 clean... I saw improvement in my black but was still fuzzy, and this was using much of my color ink for just cleaning the black one!

so i've search and found the SSCLG.com Utility for epson, suposed to be great product...

I've tried cleaning only black ink... it said cannot do in printer condition, check out i was low on yellow and light magenta (resulting of too many clean).

got to the store, bought some ink, got back, install them, trie it again, then it hit me! the program was lowering my ink levels each time it start! by 25%! then i closed it...
after reading much manual i came to think I had to "freeze" my ink counter... so i tried the "autofreeze" program... did WORSE! now my printer wont print because it said that my yellow and light maganta are empty, witch they are brand new and my black at 11% ... witch was at 75% when it all started... remember, didn't even print anything yet!

i tried the "installed new ink cartridge" thing... didnt do good!

do you know of a trick or software that i could take and reset ink level to something good, i mean, i wrote down the % of them every big printing job, so i KNOW where they should be! i could even afford to make them all full and risk a lost of color at mid print... would be less expensive than to buy an all new set of ink + having to go clean my printer... that printer isnt even worth the cartidges prices!

you can send me suggestion through email at [email protected]
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have u accessed the different menu for ssc by right clicking the icon on the task bar, it does different things from there and there is a resetter, never used it for anything except getting my printers going again.

i have had ink carts that show full and are infact empty, printed a couple of prints and a colour missing but showing full, by weighing the cart and comparing with a empty it was infact empty......the make was blackdiamond.....!

if could just be that after 2 years use the heads are failing and not printing as they should, r200 in england is about £45 brand new, i run my 2 with continuos ink systems and never have anybother, they cost £40 full on ink and run for ages, think its 15 sets or carts use per fill

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