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Default Advice photo prntr-canon 830D, Canon 950, HP7550, epson 950

I am planning on purchasing a photo printer and having a difficult time deciding on the best features for the $. I am looking to spend between $200-$350 and will be using it with a canon G2. The important features to me are photo quality, being able to print directly from my camera or a printer that has card readers/and a display screen, and ink cost. I have done some research and have it narrowed down to the Canon 830D, Canon 950, HP7550, or Epson 950. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I am just getting started in digital photography.

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I like the canon i950 for its photo quality printing.

The HP is an overall good printer, better text quality but not as good photos (4 colours as opposed to the canon with 6)

Epson, there not bad for photos either

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HP 7550 does print very good photos. It still has a layering effect on the photos. The depth of the photos tends to be its weakest point. The cannon tends to get very good results as far as setting up right out of the box.

Epson is an incredible printer. Once you get it tweaked you can get some spectacular photos.
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Another huge reason to avoid HP is that the ink bleeds off of their papers easily when they get just slightly damp, even on their premium glossy paper.

A guy I work with had a PhotoSmart 7150 and took it back for a Canon S820. He had printed a picture and 3 days later, when it was snowing, he was outside showing the pic to someone and some stray flakes landed on the pic. He went inside and gently blotted the melted snow off of the pic to find that the ink came off of the paper and onto the paper towel. HP's answer to this was for him to either lightly coat the pic with an archival spray or egg whites. The ink came off the well dried paper and they wanted him to make it wet again? You might think that it was just the ink, but all of the newer PhotoSmart printers use the same cartridge numbers 56, 57, and 58 (one black, one a tri-color CMY, and one another tri-color light CMY). Try this: goto to Best Buy, or somewhere that will make a print off of any of the HP printers on the HP paper, lick you thumb and then rub the picture. You will have ink on you thumb.

So I tested with my Canon S800 (which uses the same ink tanks as the i950 and S830D) and Photo Paper Pro. I printed a picture and then almost immediately dipped my finger into water and let a drop fall onto the newly printed picture and let it sit for a full minute. Not one drop of ink came back up even when I tried to rub it off. All that you could see was a faint outline of where the water was. 3 hours afterwards, you really had to look hard to find the same spot.

In regards to Epson, I have no idea what happens. But if you want to be able save on the consumables, HP has found a way! I would go with either the Canon or Epson, but my preference is the Canon. I have the new Canon i9100 on order and should arrive next week.
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WEll with the HP and the new paper you can run water across it but if you rub it your ink will come off. The cannon is basically the same way. The epson you just hold the paper up and blow it off and no problems will come of it. It also depends on the paper and printer this is done on. Most dye based ink printers will have problems with water. Pigment based printers tend to have fewer problems.
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