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In order to understand how the new Canon printers work we're trying to collate a set of error reports that will with a little cross referencing, help describe what behaviour the printers exhibit in different situations.

So, if you could please follow the format below giving as much detail as possible about your particular error and what you did, were doing, how your printer reacted, etc... we can start putting together a proper guide on how to circumnavigate the issues the new chips raise..

Thanks in advance for your help...

Note: Please don't use this form to report that you got the standard "warranty" warning when you first refill your cartridges... We are really only looking for situations where the printer refuses to print after you've gone through some or all of these "warranty" warnings... Thanks

Error report format

Printer model: (eg: iP4200, iP5200, MP500, etc..)
Cartridge Ink type & level:
  • PGI-5 Black[/*]
  • PCI-8 Cyan[/*]
  • PCI-8 Magenta[/*]
  • PCI-8 Yellow[/*]
  • PCI-8 Photo Black (if applicable)
  • PCI-8 Photo Magenta (if applicable)
  • PCI-8 Photo Cyan (if applicable)
*Ink type options: OEM (not modified), refilled (include number of times) + manufacturer
*Ink level options: full, low ink warning, empty, OFF (ie: accepted warnings)

CIS installed? (yes/no)
CIS info (homemade, manufacturer, + other details please)

Refilled? (yes/no)
Status before refilling: (full, low ink warning, empty)
Printer power when cartridges removed: (on, off, standby, disconnected)
Printer power when cartridges being replaced (on, off, standby, disconnected)

Printer status before refilling?
  • Working[/*]
  • Refusing to print[/*]
  • Other: (please describe)
Printer status after refilling?
  • Working[/*]
  • Refusing to print[/*]
  • Other: (please describe)[/*]
Tried holding resume button down for 5+ seconds? (yes/no)
  • Working[/*]
  • Refusing to print[/*]
  • Other: (please describe)[/*]

Additional Information
The information above doesn't cover all the bases so please add any additional notes on action you took, errors you experienced or suggested "Fixes" you've tried to remedy your situation.

Please do not use this thread as a discussion thread as it'll make it harder to keep everything in one place.. If you want to refer to a specific set of results, then start a new thread and refer back to it... Thanks..

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