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billydzuy wrote:
Thank you Terry and Websnail..

My CIS finally works....

is it ok to do lot ofhead cleaning ?

because i used to have i960. i did a lot of deep cleaning on it and one day it stopped working.I took itto bestbuy. they said something about "waste- ink tank" and the service charge was more than the printer itself. Will i9900 give me the same problem if i dodeep cleanning?
The reports I've read about Canons are that you shouldn't really ever need to do any deep cleaning beyond once or twice after a particularly bad head clog (ie: left for months unattended). So, if you're cleaning every other day or week then your CIS has some big problems and you'd do well to take heed of the advice on that article I linked to above.

The waste ink tank is an absorbant pad in the printer and is part of all inkjet printers. You don't want to be doing lots of cleaning for the reason that that pad will get filled pretty fast if you do and then require a service.

are all canon ink the same? because i need to refill them soon. Do i need to flush out old ink before refill or just mix the new ink to the old ink?
No way... Different inks include different formulations so you need to locate good quality suppliers for your particular ink types.. I'd cast around on here, in the wide format printer forum and also on nifty-stuff for suggestions... Using cheap or incompatible ink will invariably clog or blow your printhead so you need to spend some time on getting this aspect right...

best of luck...
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