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Sorry, Ido not currently have an 830 printer. I was planning to buy one for the duplex function among other thingsuntil I heard about this composite black issue. Not sure how folks have determined what ink cartridge is being used so not sure how to tell if your workaround fixes this or not. Seems we know it is composite ink based on Canon tech supportsaying this is the case.
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I just print out my tax return and resume using the hack method I discover, I confirmed myself now that this method really solve the duplex problem.

To do the comparison, I also print out my tax return in single page mode, and also print them out in duplex mode using plain paper option.

The duplex result from hack method looks great and awesome now. It is crystal crisp and much blacker than the one from duplex plain paper. And really it is comparable to the single page mode now.

No need to change the ink cartridge or manipulate the inks whatsoever.

Just hack it to use Hagaki paper in media type option, set the page size to custom 8.5x11, and setthe print qualityto High resolution. That's all folks.

Whether or not, this is using composite black or the real black, I dont know and I dont care. One have to test it to print 1000 pages maybe than one will know how much inks does it use.
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I appreciate your effort. However,

1) you're still using composite black to produce black text instead of the pigment black ink when printing text in duplex mode (regardless of the paper type selected);

2) printing black text in standard in simplex (non-duplex) mode with "plain paper" selected produces darker, richer text than printing in standard duplex mode with Hagaki selected (the difference is obvious to five different people here using two different MP830 printers; moreover, Canon had already admitted to me over the phone that changing papers types won't force the printer to use pigmented black ink when duplex printing);

3) your MP830 is using more ink, and it's printing much slower when duplexing in any mode with any paper type than when printing black text in simplex with "plain paper" selected (with the possible exception of "draft" mode--but it's not as though that printing mode is available when selecting "Hagaki" anyway); and

4) your workaround (it's not a "hack", by definition) doesn't change anything other than (possibly) increasing the overall resolution available to you when printing in duplex only (selecting "Hagaki" increases the potential text resolution, but no matter what, simplex text printing with "plain paper" looks better, regardless).

The pigment black ink is not being used, solely, to produce black text--regardless of whether you've selected "Hagaki" when printing in duplex.

When using "duplex" with any quality and paper setting, you're printing in composite black (you're using colour ink to produce black text); you're printing slower; and the text output looks inferior than if you were printing in simplex (non-duplex) with "plain paper" selected.

To wit, the text quality when printing in simplex with "plain paper" selected is always better than the text quality when printing in duplex (plus printing in simplex with "plain paper" selected is much faster and produces better results), regardless of the paper type selected.

I just tested my findings again--and they are exactly the same as before (I already tried selecting "Hagaki" in the past). The composite black text quality does appear slightly better with "Hagaki" selected--but this is a far cry from the pigmented black text produced when simplex printing with "plain paper" selected. The printed letters look darker and thicker than when duplex text printing.

Take care

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Default Ink abuse

I just came across this blog and noticed it is 5 years old. It's now 2011 and my Canon printer has the exact same problem as described. It will not use pigment black ink to print grayscale duplex.

I just finished going back and forth with Canon customer support and was told all their printers work this way. They gave me no reasons for why and ignored all my rationale about why it doesn't make sense.

I also discovered blogs where HP printers have the same problem.

It sure seems to me that this is a ploy for printer companies to make more money on their overpriced ink. Maybe a class action lawsuit will get their attention.

Are there any inkjet printers that will allow me to print duplex using black ink only?
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