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One question I have isabout inkusage?

Looking at Ink Details,Yellow is used at about one quarter the usage ofCyan and Magenta. I know it depends on what you print, but I have printed 2 CD's, 2 4X6 photos, 5-6 pagesof mixed text and images and 15 pages of monochrome black text. Also, Imade copies of 4 Yellow checks I had written - look good enough to cash it's scarey! Yet, Yellow (and the two black catridges)barely shows any ink used while the Cyan and Magenta are about one third empty.Overall, I have turned the printer on/off about10 times since setting it up about 2 months ago. I have not initiated any cleaning cycles manually, though I know the printer does that automatically.

Does the printer use cyan and magenta to make text?

Does the printer waste a lot of cyan and magentain automatic cleaning cycles compared to the yellow and two blacks?

This seems awfully asymetrical!
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As a printer I see this all to ofter.

People not knowing will create something in RGB mode and expect it to be 100% black (usally text) but it isn't since its in RGB even if you convert an RGB file the things you ment to be 100% black will not be unless you make it in CYMK 100% black.

So to answer your question on screen what you think is 100% black may print in the area of RGB Value of R=0 G=0 B=0 will be C=75% M=68% Y=67% K=90% ink usage to get the black you have on screen.

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According toa discussion on another thread here concerning poor duplex print quality, Canon admited to using color inks to make black. Before posing this question, Iprinted 6 sheets in duplex mode for a total of 12 printed pages and figured out from the tonal quality of the text that it was from mixed colors and not the black text cartridge. Canon says this is by "design". I say it is a fundamental error on their part and a further waste of their customer's money and loyalty.

So, I guess I know now why the magental and cyan cartridges are lower than the yellow and black cartridges.

But, I still don't understand why the magenta and cyan are sosignificantly lower than the others with the few things I printed (primarily in standard mode), since a cleaning cycle should waste ink relatively equally from all catridges.

Any thoughts or similar occurences?

My Ink Levels:

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I think the bottom line on this is that I wouldn't necessarily trust the ink level meter.

I've printed off multiple pages in the past and watched the ink level go from three quarts full to nearly empty in the space of 8 pages and 3 print jobs (granted they were full colour pages but stil).

All in all the new Canons are getting a lot of bad press (finally!) because of the cost of the replacement carts but I have to say that given the iX4000 and the iP4200's that I've used I do like the quality of printout but in fairness I really only prefer the iP4200 to the iP4000 because a CIS unit will work better in the iP4200's more spacious design when it comes to the CIS tubing. Not a "real world" issue though.
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