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I've had my I960 for several years and just love it. Don't really want to trade it in for a new model that that has the chipped cartridges, as I've used refill kits the entire life span with no problems.

The printer prints just fine when sent to draft or standard print quality on regular paper, but when I set it to any type of photo paper, and use the standard or high guality setting, I get pink bands and a very blue photo. This is a problem that just started today, and as I said, only when I tell the printer to use photo paper. It doesn't matter if I am actually printing on photo paper or normal paper, either.

I've done the clean, deep clean, (a lot actually!) and the nozzle check comes out fine.

Can any one suggest any thing I can try? Thanks so much!
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I had a very similar problem with an S820, and I know of others who have had the same. In all cases they had been running ok for some time but then found that the printer became defective in its print production on certain paper settings. Mine did not like the High res setting or any of the Photo settings

I am not an expert but my interpretation is that the print head has started to degenerate in its electrical contacts, and a few connections are not making or are making in the "wrong" way. Whether this is on the head side or the machine side Ican`t be sure.

The bad news is that the print head (or machine) is on its way out. Given the price of a new print head it would make more sense to think about purchasing a new printer.

The "good" news is I managed to prolong the life of the printer (and produce very passable color prints ) by using the "Transparency" setting in preferences . This kept me going for 5 months longer, in fact the I think the head only really gave up after one too many energetic head cleans !

Best of luck, keep it going as long as you can ! (even if you get another printer)

You might try uninstalling the print head and taking a good look at the printed circuit contact pad and ensuring its clean, also ensuring that the corresponding contacts on the machine are all as they should be. (I bet they are ok)
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Thanks! I was afraid it was on it's last leg, but I knew this forum would have the answer if there was one! I will try the transparancy setting for now, and keep my fingers crossed.
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