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I use10 of the older G900 Epson ( 4 color)as it is very fast( they have a eithernet card slot)and the3 picoliter drop size it make good photos. The cartridgeas are twice the size of any other small Epson ( a set weighs 1/2 lb)so they will print 100's ofsheets per refill.

I am using the 5 seperate USB ports that came on the Hp palvilion computer. I do not use a hub.

I know I could go to eithernet cards and network to the printers but this will cost $100's

Right nowI send print jobsto 5 printers from a single computer to print color flyersI can print 200 flyers in about 25 minutes. I use these flyersas loss leaders to get new customers so i have to keep the cost to a minimum.

I mount all 5 printers stacked on roll away soI can change to a backup set of 5 printers in just 5 to 10minutes if i have a total crash..this way I can pump out a 1,000's offlyers in a hour or 2 even if there is a problem.

SinceI use refill from gallons of bulk ink ( $20 a liter)the most expensive item is the $0.005( 1/2 penny) I pay per paper sheet.

Is anyone else using a similar way to print 1000's of color prints on the cheapin a very short tiem?
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