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zakezuke wrote:
DarkDTSHD wrote:
Yes, I was doing some further research on the iPF5000. And for what it has to offer the pricing isn't as scary as it looked on the surface. According to one reviewer on http://www.luminouslandscapes.com the iPF5000 should be able to do 2400 A3 sized prints. Or if you do 100 prints per month the inks should last you roughly 2 years. Not bad!!

But in the end this is not a cheap printer at $2500.00 CAD. Plus $1080.00 for a set of new inks. I heard the iPF5000 comes with cartridges that are only half-full. Which isn't that bad to start you off with I guess.

And this would be my first photo printer. So spending $3500.00 CAD is out of the question at this point.

Plus, I can tell you that I won't be printing that often. Maybe going a few months without making a single print.

I'm just looking for a printer who's print heads will not clog if I leave it for a few months. Print maybe 3-5 prints. Leave it for a month. Print maybe 20 prints...etc. But, give me accurate colors and highly detailed output.

Hence my current choices: Canon i9900, Canon Pro9000/9500 (Oct 2006/2007), HP 8750 or 8450.
Going months without printing would be troublesome for any of the above. I think one of my canons had issues because I didn't print enough in the way of text documents, but as we are talking 100% dye models , less of an issue. Still I would print "something" once a month at least. Doesn't have to be much, a nozzle check would do just fine. I would guess the HP would be better in this regard, as the 8750/8450 do take intragrated head on the cartridges. In all fairness to canon it does have smaller nozzles. You can get a free printhead if it fails during the warranty period, so you don't have to worry for a year at all.

The HP if you ignore it too long, your out ink which you can replace. Canon your out a printhead which doesn't come with ink. Both you can take the ink and or head and put in long term storage in a ziplock bag i'd imagine.

Not having met the pixma pro 9000, I can't say if it's an improvement over the i9900, but the specs are identical so I suspect it's similar enough to not worry about it too much.

Hey Zakezuke,

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to do at least a few prints per month if I end up with a Canon or HP. Though, based in past experience, HP's seem to be better suited for my lifestyle. I remember going a month or two without making a print. Then making a print without problems. Prints were always spot on. Never had any issues with my HP...till I broke the carridge. HEHE!

If I can't wait till October 2006 or 2007 (for the Pro9500) I might go with the HP 8450, 8750 or Canon i9900. But I'm not in any hurry. Actually I don't see myself needing to make any prints yet. So I suppose I can wait. See what's coming out and read up on the test reports. Shrug.

I'm still sort of interested in that Epson R800 but am not sure about the reliability of Epson printers in general. Read about too many horror stories. But in terms or results...that R800 is one of the best on the consumer market (vs. PRO grade).

I'll cya around on this forum. If you want to talk more about printers feel free to PM me any time! Take care.
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while reading through your postings, i'm still a little bit confused about what *you* really want or need. you were starting out talking about reliability issues with your epson C60 (low-end consumer-level printer, so-to-say) and eventually talking about semi-professional/professional printers!?! now, do *you* want to do archival-quality printouts that you would be able to sell? or do you simply print out a few vaction pictures once a while? or do you need a printer to print on DVDs?

if you decide to go with a pro-level printer, expect to pay a premium for high quality inks. it is implied that professionals are making money out of what they print, and only the best of the best is acceptable. so if you are printing once "in a blue moon" for pleasure, then i'm not sure if a printer worth a couple of thousand bucks is worth the money. BTW, it is generally well-known that inkjet printers should be used once a week just to keep their nozzles clean -- that's in the nature of inkjet printers and has nothing to do with their reliability.

i personally think the quality/reliability amongst inkjets is very similiar and it doesn't really matter what printer you choose if you compare printers of the *same* price category. i own/owned epson's C80, C82, R300, and R320, and canon's i560s, i860, i960, and must say that they all have pros and cons. but from my list, you can see that lower priced models as well as midrange models are covered.

from my experience, they all did great when it came to what they were "specified" to do. if you are asking me about which of them printed the *best* photos, i would say without hesitation the i960. the quality is just mind-blowing considering the price i paid ($249 at that time from best buy). drawback after 2 years of usage with refillable inks: it seems like nozzles are clogging up, and i have a hard time getting them cleaned... since there are so many reasons for clogged nozzles (especially due to refilling), i would still consider th i960 as "reliable." my canon i560s that i bought from costco about a year ago for ~$100 (?) is still alive and kicking with its refilled inks. reliable? yes, absolutely!

i used my epson C80 (long time ago) and was quite happy with it, too. the printer was obviously not a dedicated photo printer, and that's why i didn't have high expectations. but whenever i needed to print something weather-resistant, that's when the printer shine: the durabrite ink was simply awesome and would not smear!!! was it reliable? yes, it did not break down on me after one year with admittedly only little printing, and i was able to give it away as a gift to another friend. it's still running!

my epson R300 and R320 are my newest additions and i like them because #1 they print directly onto DVDs (that's what i need *now*) and #2 there are many different refilling companies that offer "continuous ink systems" or "continuous flow systems," ie. you have large external ink containers that feed ink to the cartridges via silicon pipes. for me, that is immensely cost effecient . also, both offer the possibility to print directly from memory card without the need for a computer! the only drawback in my eyes: both cannot match canon's i960's photo quality, and maybe i'm being too picky. are both reliable? well, i've been using the R300 for about 3 months now and i am happy. the R320 has been in use for only a few days, so i can't really comment on it.

so there you go: it all depends on your needs for which printer you decide to go with. they all have pros and cons, and *you* have to decide which aspects of a printer is more important to you. i think you don't have to worry too much about "reliability" issues. you might read more complaints about printer "xyz" in the forums, especially when it is a very popular one, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is less reliable than printer "abc" just because there are less complaints about that one...

that's my 2 cents . hope this helps.


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