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how does canon pixma ip4000 cdr/dvd printing hold up? does it smudge easily with sweaty fingers? any preferences between taiyo, mitsui, or verbatim? andshould igo with white or silver? thanks
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bigwise1 wrote:
how does canon pixma ip4000 cdr/dvd printing hold up? does it smudge easily with sweaty fingers? any preferences between taiyo, mitsui, or verbatim? andshould igo with white or silver? thanks
My info comes from the ip3000 / mp760, but the mp760 is basicly the ip4000.

I can't say I was 100% pleased with Verbatim Silver cds, they looked better on Epson than Canon. There was an offbrand of printable DVDs which I used but i'd have to look it up.

The choice between silver and white for me is a choice whether I want alot of information, or a full color picture, or if I want a small amount of information. If there is alot of white space, I go silver. Typicaly I go white.

The best discs i've met are TDKs sold at costco, but they are not hub printable. Verbatim data life plus hub printable (023942950790) like most discs require the intensity set to about +8 to +10. I consider the output passable. I have not tried Taiyo Yugen or mitsui. In theory there is a new Verbatim which is glossy which might provide better results.

As of late I've been spraying my discs in a cakebox using a fixative, Krylon UV-acrylic. Such products can be found in your typical crafts store, but check out the sprays in the fine art section (canvas, charcoal, sumi/hui/asian caligraphy), and their sprays in their craft arts section (normal spary paints, water colors, water based brush paints). There are some sprays labled as inkjet fixatives Avoid the Polyurethanes, use of Minwax acrylics including their spar urethane resulted in scrambled DVDs. Their waterbased acrylic didn't spray well onto the disc, major orangepeal.

Krylon UV acrylic
Genesys Inkjet Spray

Dye based inkjets are not durable by default. I noticed no issues with smugging but dirty hands will leave imprints on the disc.
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My primary concern is the quality of the burned data. Then comes the quality of the printed image/info.

Taiyo Yuden give me the best and most consistent results regarding burn quality in my BenQ 1640 and Plextor 716A. Taiyo Yuden also offer printable CD's and DVD's, hub and non-hub printable, that perform essentially the same on quality scans. If my burned data corrupts quickly, who cares how pretty the printed disc looks.

IMO, stick with the brand of discs that give you the best burn quality for your burner, though TY's probably will give great results for most any burner. You can find "Value Line" TY's for less expense that may perform exactly or nearly the same as their regular priced discs.

As to glossy vs matte, each manufacturer has a slightly different appearance. TY's are notglossy but they certainly look great from my MP830. It's up to you to decide your preference. You may want to try contacting the manufacturers directly and ask for a sample printable disc to try. It might work and you will not have to buy a bunch to determine what you like.

As to smudges, any printed disc can smudge given the right variables. So far, I have been pleased with the printable TY's. I do not use the silver discs because they will smudge quite easily with the Canon inkjets like yours and mine.
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